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Refuge firefighter fills assignment to Gulf spill

Since April 20th, events in the Gulf of Mexico have been driven by the response to the Deepwater Horizon oil platform explosion and subsequent oil spill. The impact of that disaster has now reached as far as North Dakota as U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service staff members are tapped for duty.

Posted 6/16/10 (Wed) read more »

High School renovation quickly underway

The sound of student voices in the hallways and classrooms at Kenmare High School has given way to the buzz and pound of power tools for the summer.

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Marvin Gravesen and Gil Rauschenberger impressed with Roughrider Honor Flight

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Rain keeps on as it brings seeding to a halt

Normally, farmers in this region welcome a little rain in May to nourish newly-seeded fields. Average rainfall for May, according to records kept at The Kenmare News office, comes in at about 2.10”. Add the five inches or so extra precipitation observed by some area producers during the last week of May, however, and those newly seeded fields turn back into sloughs and prairie potholes, a sight common in portions of northern Ward and Renville counties right now.

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Honkers are state champs

The Kenmare High School girls golf team made a little local history last week by winning their first Class B state golf title. They also earned their second state championship for 2009-2010, the first time KHS girls varsity sports teams have won two such tournaments in one year.

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Peggy Person honored as state's top athletic administrator

Meet up with Lewis & Clark-Berthold high school principal and athletic director Peggy Person and she’ll first ask how she can assist you at her school. Then she may talk about a particular classroom or program or activity where students, teachers and coaches are seeing improvement and success.

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Grants pave the way for new foundations as Pioneer Village opens for the summer season

Things look a little more stable and square at Kenmare’s Pioneer Village these days, following some foundation work done early in May for the Niobe Hall and the Bintz House.

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Quilt Inn sold

Ten years after the Quilt Inn opened in Kenmare, with 22 stockholders risking their money and their reputations on the venture, the motel has been sold to a local ownership group.

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Bakken could change North Dakota the way Prudhoe Bay did Alaska

Members of the Berthold Economic Development Corporation and other interested residents had their own introduction to drilling for oil in the Bakken formation from Lynn Helms, director of the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources Oil & Gas Division. “This has the potential to change North Dakota the way Prudhoe Bay changed Alaska,” he said. “This is a renaissance for North Dakota.”

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Enbridge Pipeline plans expansion at Berthold station

As Enbridge Pipeline LLC works on the details for an $8.9 million proposed expansion of their Berthold facility, representatives from the company predict the community’s name will be forever linked with oil production in the Bakken field. “Berthold will represent Bakken crude,” said Kelly Wilkins, a senior business consultant with Enbridge. “Everybody’s going to know it starts at Berthold.”

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