Kenmare ND - Quality of Life

Real People. Real Jobs. Real Adventures.

Quality of Life

Real People. Real Jobs. Real Adventures.

Who are the "Real People" of Kenmare, ND? They are the people who choose to live life on their own terms, away from the big-city hustle and grint. They are people who aren't afraid of rising with the sun, getting their hands dirty, and calling it a day long after the sun has set. Those of us who call Kenmare home live here because we like to know that our neighbors are watching out for us, that our children are getting top-notch educations, that our families are safe...but that adventure in North Dakota's beautiful, often challenging outdoors is just minutes away. "Real People" live, work, and play in Kenmare, ND. Join us!!

"Real People" need "Real Jobs." In Kenmare we talk about out blue-collar, green-collar, and no-collar jobs with pride. We're also proud to be able to play a big part in solving our nation's energy needs. From oil rigs to wind energy to construction and engineering, the job opportunities in this part of the country are booming. Plus, the great pay for these in-demand jobs makes getting your hands dirty a whole lot more rewarding! Come to Kenmare, work a "Real Job" that will challenge you each and every day, and bring your family to enjoy the adventures in North Dakota's wild landscapes that'll be waiting right out your from door...

Up in this part of the country, you get the chance to use your instincts, your experience, and your determiniation to live and thrive. "Real Adventure" doesn't mean living in mud huts with no running water. No, it means having opportunities you can't get in the big cities, opportunities for a back-to-basics lifestyle where you can hunt, fish, paddle, swim, hike, climb, mountain bike, camp, and live off the land while enjoying the natrual beauty of the great Upper-Midwest. Have you ever seen 400,000 snow geese migrate or 30,000 Canada Geese pass overhead? Have you ever watched the sunset over a prairie lake, listening to the birds sing, and the fish jump?

From geese to pheasants, whitetails to mountain lions, walleye to monster northern pike, our part of the country is a hunting and fishing paradise like no other. So pack your gear (even your gold clubs!), bring your family and come find the "Real Adventures" you've been looking for. real as it gets.