Kenmare ND - Kenmare Growth Management Plan

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Kenmare Growth Management Plan

Completed February 2012. Prepared by Ackerman-Estvold Engineering and Management Consulting Inc.

The purpose of developing a Growth Management Plan is to create a framework consisting of goals, discussion, and policies that will allow an ordered, predetermined, and successful pattern of expansion to the City of Kenmare, North Dakota.

The collection of date used in support of this document extends from:

  • Determining the existing conditions of the community's infrastructure / land uses / zonging;
  • Estimating population projection;
  • Establishing community vision;
  • Identifying objectives and goals for the city expansion and growth.

This plan can be considered a vision statement containing general guidelines for development that will be implemented through the zoning codes set forth by the City. Specific rules for permitted uses, dimensional and development standards are criteria set for by the City's Zoning Ordinance.

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To download the accompanying maps, click the following links:
Corporate Limits, Extra Territorial Area, Zoning, Future Land Use,
Existing Roadway
, Existing Utilities, Shared Use Path, Future Highway 2 Bypass,
Future Utility Expansion Areas