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Kenmare Fund-ITT Program


Kenmare -- Investing Today for Tomorrow

On November 3, 1992, the voters of the City of Kenmare approved, beginning January 1, 1993, a portion of the two-cent city sales tax for use in economic and industrial development. The fund accumulated for this purpose shall be called Investing Today for Tomorrow. (Fund ITT)

Fund ITT is intended to provide financing incentives to businesses that desire to expand or locate in the City of Kenmare The primary purpose of this fund is to create new jobs, save existing jobs, expand the local tax base, increase capital investment, improve the entrpreneurial climate of the area, and generally expand the primary sector financial base. Generally, Fund ITT will be used to develop private enterprise. Non-profit organizations will be considered for these funds only under the most unusual circumstances, and only when it can be determined that the non-profit venture meets the general purpose for which the fund was established.

Fund ITT Matching Grant Application

Fund ITT Grant Application