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Garbage - Landfill - Recycling

The City of Kenmare currently contracts with Circle Sanitation for city-wide garbage collection services inside the City of Kenmare. We ask that you please put trash in the Circle Sanitation garbage totes and set them on the curb or in the alley. If you are unsure of your location, please call City Hall for clarification. Residential garbage collection occurs after 7am on Thursday. 

If you are needing a garbage can or have questions regarding your garbage schedule, please call City Hall at 385-4232. 

Kenmare Landfill

Hours of Operation
North Landfill 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm - located off High 52 - East of Farden Construction
Open on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays year-round. Saturday hours may be on call during the winter season.

Inert Landfill Operation Plan

If access is needed outside of landfill hours, a $10.00 gate fee is subject to be billed. 
Please call 701-217-0187 for assistance.


Landfill Rates

**Must consult with the attendant before out-of-town dumping. Yard waste will not be picked up with household garbage.

Absolutely no asbestos, batteries, or tires! ILLEGAL DUMPING FINE $500.00

 Landfill Charges
White Goods: $15/each.
Shingles: $100.00/load.
After Hours Gate Fee: $10.00
Out of Town Truckload: $100.00
Out of Town Pickups: $50.00

Present Tear Down Disposal Fees
Large Two-Story House - $750.00
Average Size House - $500.00.
Garage - $250.000
Trailer Load - $100.00
Pickup Load- $50.00

Kenmare Recycling Center

Located at: 213 1st Ave NW - Kenmare

The recycling center accepts aluminum cans outside the recycling center.