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Kenmare Community Development Corporation

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Did you know...

  • borrowing one book a month from your local library could save you over $200 a year?
  • M&K's Pizza Hub uses the same 38 year old pizza recipe?
  • Town and Country Credit Union has 10 locations across ND to serve you?
  • Peony Petals does bridal registry?
  • the Quilt Inn employs 18 people?
  • The combined years of service at Kenmare Dental are 94 years?
  • Fund-ITT stands for Investing Today for Tomorrow?
  • The Farmers Market is every Thursday at 4:30?
  • You don't get wet when using the Hydromassage Bed at Hometown Gym?
  • The Kenmare Theater was reopened by a group of Kenmare residents who pooled their money to get it running again?
  • Jan A.Kostad, PC does tax returns?!
  • For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $73 remains in the local economy? 
    This information comes from the Go Local ND website in an article named "Find the Leaks"

Our Did you know? Campaign goes hand in hand with the Go Local! ND initiative which focuses on creating awareness about the economic and social advantages of planning, shopping and promoting your own community. Watch for new information about Kenmare each and every week!

Kenmare offers great business opportunities!

If you are looking to relocate your family to a community with employment opportunities, quality schools, a safe environment, and four seasons of recreation, Kenmare is the place for you!


Considering moving or expanding your business?

The Kenmare Community Development Corporation invites you to call or visit. An active organization with a 10-member board offers incentives to qualified applicants and is able to access many sources of financing including local, state, and federal financial institutions.


$3500 Tear Down / Clean Up Grants Available

Owners of property in Kenmare consisting of uninhabitable homes or other types of structures may be eligible for a grant from the Kenmare Community Development Corporation to demolish those structures.

The Kenmare Community Development Corporation will pay up to $3500 to demolish your structures if eligible for this program.

The city will benefit by having eyesores removed from the neighborhoods. Property owners will benefit by having a parcel that is more attractive for selling. If the property owner has no desire to sell the property, they may be able to benefit by getting their property tax rate lowered because the lot has become vacant.

If interested, contact Jamie Livingston, treasurer of the Kenmare Community Development Corporation, for an application. Call 701-385-4287 or write to:

PO Box 353
Kenmare, ND 58746