Kenmare ND - City Hall

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City Hall / Memorial Hall

The Kenmare City Hall is a great location to host many different types of events such as banquets, wedding/receptions, sporting events and much more.

Please see the rental rate schedule listed below. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 701-385-4232.

City Hall capacity:

  • Seats 250
  • 30 Tables


Kenmare Memorial Hall Rates
GROUP OR EVENTS Time   Fee Deposit
Civic, Social, Fraternal, Religious, Co-Ed Volleyball Monthly Meetings   $25/year N/A
Religious, Non-Profit     Resident
  1 day event closed to the public   $35 $70
      $125 $250
  1 day event open to the public   $125 $250
      $250 $350
Personal Rental     Resident
Open to the public - i.e open house, reunion, large birthday, wedding, etc. 1 day event   $100 $200
25+ people        
      $150 $300
Profit Making / Public Dance 1 day event   $250 $500
Private Rental        
Private - i.e Baby shower, wedding shower, small birthday party, small business meeting 1 day event   $25 none
Special Event 1+ week   $800 $500
Table Rental     $5.00/table/day
if ouside of the building        
Chair Rental     $.50/chair/day
if ouside of the building        

$500 refundable deposit will be charged for any event where a bar will be available. Refundable deposit needs to be paid at the time of reservation.

All rental fees need to be paid 24 hours prior to event.