Kenmare ND - Bird Watching

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Bird Watching

The Des Lacs Refuge, headquartered at Kenmare, has long been a destination point for bird watchers from around the world. More than 250 bird species occur on the Des Lacs and Souris Loop Refuges. Bird watchers will delight to glimpse grasshopper sparrows, Baird's sparrows, Sprague's pipit, and northern harrier.

Warblers, vireos, and flycatchers are among the songbirds nesting in the secluded wooded coulees. Species such as short-eared owls and sharp-tailed grouse benefit from the healthy grasslands. These grasslands also provide nesting habitat for blue-winged teal, mallards, gadwall and many other waterfowl. Spring visitors can enjoy the courtship dance of western grebes (from a lake side trail) or that of the sharptail grouse (from blinds on the refuge). American white pelicans and greater Canada geese are also common to the refuge. Contact the refuge at 701-385-4046 for more information.

Birding has longf been a popular activity in the Kenmare are. The late Dr. Robert T. Gammell, nationally recognized for his knowledge of birds, was a medical doctor in Kenmare for 39 years. He and his wife Ann helped host the convention of the American Building Association in Kenmare in 1973. 

Visitors can take advantage of many excellent opportunites for birding. Since 1935, 308 different species have been recorded in the region. 

Click the Des Lacs Refuge link above to see more information about refuges in the surrounding area.

The area's finest birds

bird16.jpg (41797 bytes)
Cedar Waxwing

bird15.jpg (76841 bytes)
Canada Goose
on nest

bird14.jpg (67709 bytes)
Hatching ducklings

bird13.jpg (61700 bytes)

bird12.jpg (31802 bytes)
Bobolink singing

bird11.jpg (25567 bytes)
Northern Harrier

bird10.jpg (50368 bytes)
Short-eared Owl

bird9.jpg (55981 bytes)
Great Horned Owl

bird8.jpg (48977 bytes)
Sharptail Grouse

bird7.jpg (20348 bytes)
Eared Grebe

bird6.jpg (34482 bytes)
Western Grebes

bird5.jpg (39616 bytes)
White Pelicans

bird4.jpg (28696 bytes)
Whooping Cranes

bird3.jpg (11363 bytes)
Swainson's hawk in swoop

bird2.jpg (20919 bytes)
Harrier - immature

bird1.jpg (55637 bytes)
American Bittern