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State Commerce officials return to Kenmare
A meeting two months ago between Kenmare Community Development Corp. officials and the North Dakota Department of Commerce netted some progressive discussion.
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Bond issue fails again in Kenmare
For the second time in five months, a Kenmare School District expansion, has failed. Voters turned down a request for a $7.5 million bond issue by less than 4 percent of the 60 percent needed to pass.
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3 new businesses to fill store space on west side
Three new businesses are moving into the west side of the downtown square in Kenmare and it is expected that all three will be operational sometime in June.Posted 4/02/14 (Wed) read more »

State commerce officials may have fresh ideas for Kenmare's future
A Kenmare-area native saw his idea come to fruition Feb. 12 during an economic development meeting in Kenmare. David Lehman, who works for the North Dakota Department of Commerce, suggested to Kenmare Community Development Corp., Executive Director Jennifer Nelson and treasurer Jamie Livingston during a leadership conference that both entities should get together and discuss potential opportunities in Kenmare.
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Las Vegas crew gets start on downtown improvements
A curb, sidewalk and lighting project in downtown Kenmare is now on hold until spring, according to the on-site construction superintendent.
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KDAK buys two blocks for new housing development
After more than a year of discussions, planning and speculation, the Kenmare Community Development Corporation sold a tract of property south of Division Street between 5th and 7th Avenues for the construction of single- and multi-family homes.
Posted 10/30/13 (Wed) read more »

Moving farm machinery at odds with lamp posts and walkways for 6th Street plans
Kenmare residents discussed road width and Ward County right-of-way with engineers who presented two alternatives for improving 6th Street through town.
Posted 10/25/13 (Fri) read more »

Work to begin this fall on new downtown sidewalks and lighting
Lighting and sidewalk improvements for downtown Kenmare and the park square will be much more costly than expected, $1.06 million instead of the estimated $800,000.
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Foot traffic a concern at County Road 2/6th Street North public input meeting
Safety. Walkability. Lighting.
Posted 9/18/13 (Wed) read more »

New city budget includes increase to property taxes
Kenmare property owners will pay a little more to the city next year, according to the 2014 preliminary budget.
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Ward County wants Kenmare input before rebuilding 6th Street
Take a drive or a walk along the approximately 0.9 miles of Ward County Road 2 through Kenmare, also known as 6th Street.
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Look at now . . .
If you haven’t looked at Kenmare in cyberspace yet, set this column aside for a few minutes and go to the Kenmare homepage at right now.
Posted 8/06/13 (Tue) read more »

Kenmare airport to complete upgrades with $1.1 million grant
The Kenmare Municipal Airport will essentially have a new runway, once a project to rejuvenate the surface of the existing runway is completed this fall.
Posted 7/31/13 (Wed) read more »

Downtown sidewalks and street lights are a safety concern
Even as Kenmare’s west side square is undergoing a major demolition and construction project, the Kenmare City Council is weighing options to freshen up the rest of the square with new lights and sidewalks.
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Water park discussion continues at session
What’s on the wish list for a new pool facility in Kenmare?
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First District Health Unit occupies its new space on Kenmare's west side square
Last fall, First District Health Unit public health nurse Melissa Burud was told she could move her office from its cramped location on the south side square to one of the new buildings available through the west side square revitalization project.
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City Council designates who will pay for downtown improvements
The Kenmare City Council took its first official action to initiate
an improvement project for downtown sidewalks and lighting.
Posted 7/11/13 (Thu) read more »

One Stop on the Square may open in new store Monday
“We just have some final touches to do,” Penny Sigloh said about Kenmare One Stop’s second location on the west side square, “and we’ll be ready.”
Posted 6/20/13 (Thu) read more »

Housing demand remains strong
The need for housing across western North Dakota has become a constant headache for township, city and county officials after five years of unprecedented oil and gas development in the region. Kenmare is situated at the edge of the Bakken oilfield, but requests for all types of housing continue to impact the community, even as newcomers arrive with no place to call home.
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Engineer instructed to design a plan for downtown
Kenmare’s city engineer was given the go ahead Monday to start design engineering for improvements to the downtown park square.
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Jennifer Nelson takes on role of community promoter
“I’ll be the face of Kenmare,” said Jennifer (Knutson) Nelson from the seat she has taken as the new executive director for the Kenmare Community Development Corporation (KCDC), “out there to promote the area.”
Posted 3/23/13 (Sat) read more »