Kenmare ND - Applications, Licenses, Permits, Forms

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Applications, Licenses, Permits, Forms

Applications, forms, permits, licenses, and other paperwork can be found at the City Auditor's office. 

Kenmare Police Department Application for Employment
Please complete the application, and attach a cover letter as well as a resume. 
Please e-mail to City Auditor at or mail to 
City of Kenmare
PO Box 816
Kenmare,ND 58746
KPD Application for Employment

ACH Form
Utility Bills can be pulled automatically from a bank account. 
If you are interested in signing up for ACH, please fill out this
form, and attach a "VOIDED" check. 
ACH Form

Pet Licenses
The current cost for a pet license is $5.00 per cat and per dog. 
Ordinance 11.0204 License: When Due and Payable
1. The license fees or renewal fees previously provided for, shall become
due and payable on the 1st of January in each year and shall become
delinquent on the 1st day of May in each year. 
2. If the fee is not paid before the first day of May a penalty of 
 $20.00 shall be added to the license or renewal fee.
Pet Applications

Raffle Permits
An organization or group of people who want to hold a gaming fundraiser
must apply to the city. The cost for a raffle permit is $10.00 the form must
be filled out and submitted to the Auditor's Office with $10.00 from there,
the form is subject to the approval of the City Council. 
Raffle Application

Site Authorization
For each location where gaming will be conducted, a site authorization
is to be approved by the local governing body.
Site Authorization Form

Peddlers Permit
8.0203 License Fee
The license fee to be required of all transient merchants for the transaction
of such business within the City is hereby fixed at the sum of $25.00 per 
person, per day for each and every day, not to exceed 100 days, during which
any such transient merchants shall transact business in the City. 
(Source: North Dakota Century Code Section 51-04-09)
The cost for a peddlers permit is $25.00 per day, and has to be signed off by
Chief of Police at City Hall. 

Pedders Permit

Building Permit
For more information on specifications and rules regarding building within
Kenmare, please contact the Ward County Building Inspector - Aaron Rust.

Table & Chair Rental 
The City of Kenmare has tables and chairs available for rental if you are
renting the Memorial Hall, they are included in your fee charge, however, if 
you would like to rent them for birthday parties, rummage sales, showers and
much more. Tables are $5.00 apiece while chairs are .50 cents apiece. To 
reserve tables and chairs contact City Hall at 701-385-4232.
Table & Chair Rental

Liquor License Transfer Permits
In order to have alcohol served at public or private events, it must first
be served by a local bar which is your responsibility to line up, from there
an application must be filled out and cops must be scheduled to work the event.
Liquor License Transfers are subject to City Council for approval. 
Event Pay for the KPD is $43.00 an hour, A cop must work an event that alcohol is present.

Utility Transfer Form
Purchasing, renting, or moving? Fill out the form below with your information
and drop off at City Hall or in the dropbox on the east side of the building.
Utility Transfer Form

Tear Down Grant Application
Owners of property in Kenmare consisting of uninhabitable homes or other types
of structures may be eligible for a grant from the Kenmare Community Development
Corporation to demolish those structures. The Kenmare Community Development Corporation
will pay up to $3,500 to demolish your structures if eligible for this program. The City will benefit
from having eyesores removed from the neighborhoods. Property owners will benefit from having
a parcel that is more attractive for selling. If the owner has no desire to sell the property, they may be able
to benefit by getting their property tax rate lowered because the has become vacant. 
Tear Down Grant Application

Winter Campground Storage Agreement
If you are looking for a place to store your boat, camper, trailers, and anything that you
don't have room for on your property or that you want off the streets. The City of Kenmare
is offering "Winter Storage" at the Kenmare Campground to help you solve the problem of

storing your items for the winter. For $150.00, you can store your items at the
Kenmare Campground from November 1st - April 30th.
If you are interested,
check out the application below. It can be filled out and dropped off at City Hall
with a copy of your insurance on the item(s) and payment.
**Payment is due upon signing the agreement**
Winter Campground Storage Agreement