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"Kenmare lies right in the heart of some of North America's premier waterfowl hunting.  With three major refuges within close proximity, this area is a major staging area for snow geese, Canada geese and mallards.  There are also great opportunities to chase upland game like pheasants, Hungarian partridge and sharptail grouse in the afternoon after hunting waterfowl in the morning.  Access has been easy and the community embraces hunters."
By Jason Mitchell
Host of Jason Mitchell Outdoors Television


"Central North Dakota is loaded with state and federal waterfowl refuges holding upwards of one-half million snow and Canada geese from early October until freeze-up in early November. While the ND refuge systems offers a safe haven and water to the transient birds, it is the seemingly endless stretches of grain fields that are the real attraction for the huge flocks of geese."

"There are no commercial goose hunting camps in the immediate Kenmare area, which is both good and bad news. The good news is that almost the entire area is open to hunters who are 'on their own.' North Dakota is the only state in the union that allows open hunting on all lands not posted, and permission is not required."

"The bad news, there are currently no hunting guides in the Kenmare area."

"As to help in finding hunting fields, just ask the locals. Almost everyone keeps track of the goose movement around Kenmare will be glad to point you in the right direction. After a few days, even newcomers to the area will become familiar with goose movements if they do their scouting each evening."

"When goose hunting ends at one o'clock each day, duck, pheasant, grouse and partridge are still available. Creeks and ponds can be jumped for ducks, and simply driving the section roads, hunting likely-looking cover will produce ample opportunities for upland birds."

"This was a great trip to Kenmare, and it can be done on a sensible budget. A clean motel room for two goes for under $30 per night; meals are good, plentiful and reasonably priced; the town has everything hunters need, and The Locker Plant will process, package and freeze your birds for the trip home. More than anything, the people of the Kenmare area are friendly, helpful, and glad to see visitors come and enjoy the bounty their part of the state has to offer."
By Jerry Pabst
Midwest Outdoors Magazine

"It's the last frontier."
In all his travels and fish and game pursuits, duck hunting remains his top priority. "There were numerous times we'd be on a practice field somewhere and I'd watch geese fly over. It was tough to handle."

When asked, "Do you miss coaching?" "How could I miss it! You think I'd rather be in New York this weekend than here?"
By Bud Grant, written by Bill Mitzel
Dakota Country Magazine

"This is one of the prettiest, cleanest communities I've ever been in and on top of that the people are absolutely the most hospitable I've run into anywhere."

"There's a ton of geese here in the Kenmare area."

"I promise you if you try the Kenmare area you're gonna have a good shoot and a great time - you're gonna meet some great people!"
By Tony Dean
Outdoor Show