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Kenmare outgrowing grade school building

Enrollment at Kenmare Elementary School is expected to outgrow the building in August.

Posted 2/29/12 (Wed) read more »

Four Kenmare grapplers advance to the 2012 State Wrestling Tournament

Four Kenmare wrestlers have qualified the Class B State Tournament.

Posted 2/15/12 (Wed) read more »

Nores shifting gears from auto body repair to auto and trailer sales

When Larry and Judy Nore posted a notice in The Kenmare News last week about closing Nore’s Body Shop at the end of the month, they received a barrage of questions about retirement.

Posted 2/15/12 (Wed) read more »

Berthold city council will discuss lagoon expansion with 5Stone Development

The Berthold City Council decided to pursue discussions with 5Stone Development related to the expansion of the city’s current lagoon system, with the idea that 5Stone would begin the first phase of their proposed housing project for up to 300 homes.

Posted 2/14/12 (Tue) read more »

City sorts out liquor license issue for South of the Border

The South of the Border Bar and Grill could reopen soon under new management, after questions regarding the liquor license are resolved.

Posted 2/14/12 (Tue) read more »

Kenmare working on plan for growth

The inquiries keep coming to the Kenmare city auditor’s desk:

Posted 2/08/12 (Wed) read more »

Pistol from Norma murder passed along with family heirlooms

Lonnie Dumas was shot dead by Mack McGee near the tracks at Norma, ND in the fall of 1915. Nearly 97 years later, the murder weapon has resurfaced.

Posted 2/08/12 (Wed) read more »

Two new 12-plex apartments to be built here this summer

Two new 12-plexes proposed for Kenmare may be ready for tenants later this summer.

Posted 2/07/12 (Tue) read more »

Residents voice concerns over impacts of 5Stone Ranch development plans

Dave Berry and Alex Gregg, partners in 5Stone Development based in Arizona, spoke confidently of their vision for the 5Stone Ranch project east of Berthold, with up to 300 houses slated for Phase I and up to 2000 homes built within the next five years.

Posted 2/07/12 (Tue) read more »

Development of 2000 homes at Berthold would require 130-acre lagoon system

One of the keys to the future of the proposed 5Stone Ranch development at Berthold, with 300 houses planned for Phase I and up to 2000 homes to be built through the next five years on land along ND 28, is wastewater management.

Posted 2/07/12 (Tue) read more »