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City sorts out liquor license issue for South of the Border

The South of the Border Bar and Grill could reopen soon under new management, after questions regarding the liquor license are resolved.

2/15/12 (Wed)

By Terry Froseth

The South of the Border Bar and Grill could reopen soon under new management, after questions regarding the liquor license are resolved.

David Beck, the new leaseholder/ operator of the bar and grill, asked the council to issue him a liquor license, separate from the one already held by Bob Mau, owner of the establishment.

Mayor Roger Ness said the city had thought Mau’s license would be transferred for use by the new management. Beck said he thought Mau wanted him to get his own license.

“I was of the understanding this was all said and done,” Ness said.

The city doesn’t want to have two liquor licenses tied to one establishment, Ness said.

Beck said he had been holding off such things as ordering inventory, and that he hadn’t signed a contract with Mau yet. “It’s a done deal. I just need to get this liquor license,” Beck said.

After discussion of how to avoid having Beck wait another month for the next council meeting to resolve the issue, the council approved allowing Bob Mau to transfer his liquor license to David Beck, pending an contract agreement between Mau and Beck.

City Election June 12

The city election will be held on June 12. All petition by candidates are due by April 13.

Positions up for election include three city council seats held by Owen Medlang, Ken Barnhart, and Troy Hedberg.

Two Park Board positions, held by Dennis Heidel and Dwayne Gilseth, are up for election, as is the municipal judge position.

No fix for
city/county street

Ness said he had spoke to Ward County engineer Dana Larsen about the damage being done by trucks traveling the County Road (Sixth Street) through town.

Ness said he was told the county will only patch the road for the next several years, and will not be fixing it.

The county still has five roads that they haven’t been able to reopen since flooding last spring, Larsen told Ness.

$1 property sales

The city council sold two parcels of land for $1 each to separate buyers. The undeveloped parcels are the sites for two new 12-plex apartment buildings.

Mayor Ness said the new owners will be responsible for about $450,000 in expenses for improvements for paved streets, gutter, water and sewer.

The two 12-plex apartment buildings will each cost $1.3 million to construct.

Each parcel is 200 ft. by 230 ft., (1.05 acres), in size. They are located south of Division Street and directly north of the old city landfill.

The Kenmare Community Development Corporation has plans to build one of the 12-plex apartments, while Moure Implement (a Gooseneck Implement related company) has plans to build an identical complex.

Both will use SW Design Build as their contractor. The four-plex apartment complex now under construction by the city is also contracted to SW Design Build.

Fund Itt grants

Fund Itt Committee grants to the Kenmare Community Development Corporation received the council’s approval.

Expenses of $3730.82 for travel, lodging, conference fees, and website fees, along with $15,000 towards the executive director’s salary, were approved.

A grant of $7500 towards the dilapidated property tear-down grant program operated by the Development Corporation was also approved. Three demolition grants of $3500 were paid in 2011, with Fund Itt paying $2500 each and the Development Corporation paying $1000 each.

The Fund Itt Matching Grant program for business appearance improvement was renewed. The program offers $1500 matching grants for applicants that meet set criteria. A budget of $15,000 was set for the year.

The council also approved allowing the city auditor to co-sign Fund Itt checks in the absence of the mayor.

In other action:

•Jan Kostad presented the financial statement. He noted the city has paid off its share of the mortgage of the new fire hall, which is split with the Kenmare Rural Fire District.

• The council approved allowing the Kenmare Country Club to transfer their Ward County liquor license to the Memorial Hall for a Fun Night event in March.

• Mayor Ness appointed former municipal judge Kurt Heninger to again serve in the position, following the resignation in January of Duane Dockter. The council approved the appointment.

• The public meeting regarding the city’s Comprehensive Plan will be held February 22. The council is seeking public input and comments at the meeting. The plan is available for review at the city auditor’s office, or at the website:

• Mayor Ness said he would like to revive the Grant Writing Committee. Anyone with interest should contact the city auditor. “I feel it is a very important tool for the community,” Ness said.

“We need all sorts of different people. Young, old, it doesn’t matter,” he said.

• Raffle permits were approved to the Kenmare Lions Club for the Kenmare Country Club raffle, and to the Lake County Historical Society for its Pioneer Day raffle.

• A lot in the south of town owned by Randall Pickett was approved for a replat to two lots.

• Steve Eberle of Ackerman Estvold Engineering presented a bill for $157,844 from the contractor of the water and sewer line expansion project. Total cost, with engineering fees, is expected to be around $180,000. Mayor Ness was given approval to ask for a $200,000 line of credit for one year from the State Bank and Trust of Kenmare to pay for the project. Ness said the city is expecting development of the improved property to pay for the project costs in the coming year.

• A $4800 change order to McGuire Iron was approved to install recirculation equipment in the new water tower. McGuire’s work should be done in two weeks, Eberle said. Painting of the tower and installation of electrical controls must also be completed before the tower can be put to use, possibly in September 2012. Total cost is expected to be $1.2 million.

• A Minot Hockey Boosters gaming fund request for $550 for movie passes to be given to Blood Drive donors on March 7 was approved.

• The Association of Commerce requested a $1270 gaming donation towards the cost of new Christmas lights strung across the city entrances. Since the gaming fund has not received any proceeds since the South of the Border closed, the fund balance was down to $2836, before the Blood Drive donation. The council recommended the Association of Commerce apply to Fund Itt for a matching grant.

• The city police department was given approval to use a state website service for preparing police reports at a cost of $25 per month for each full-time officer.

•The city will participate in City Government Week in April.

• The next council meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, March 13 at 7:00 pm, as three council members will be out of town on the regular meeting date of March 12.

• Councilman Todd Ankenbauer said there remains a runoff problem in the area of the Harold Charnetzki home, caused by water being temporarily diverted during rainfall and melting by another resident up the street. He said the city needs to create a permanent gutter across the roadway after having an engineer look at the problem.

• The city will erect signs to keep commercial trucks off of residential streets.

• Council member Terese Skjordal said she and other council members have received numerous post cards from residents in regards to making Kenmare smoke-free. Skjordal said it is still the recommendation of the council that the Smoke-free Coalition put the issue up for a vote on the city election.

• Skjordal presented the Kenmare School Bullying Prevention Policy for review and comments by the council.

• The council renewed the oil and gas lease contract between the city and the Kenmare Country Club.