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Kenmare High School to award 15 diplomas for the Class of 2013

Kenmare High School will celebrate the commencement of its 105th graduating class on Sunday, May 26, 2013, beginning at 2:30 pm in the school gymnasium.

Posted 5/14/13 (Tue) read more »

Lewis & Clark-Berthold High School to honor 24 graduates in Class of 2013

Lewis & Clark-Berthold High School will host commencement exercises for seniors and eighth grade students on Sunday, May 19, 2013, beginning at 1 pm in the school gymnasium.

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Park amenities are a work in progress as summer approaches

“Every week, it’s amazing what happens in here,” Ron Heisler said as he walked through the double doors now in place at the north end of the Mouse River Park auditorium. The building is being remodeled into the new Country Mouse Bar, and Heisler was granted the lease to operate the establishment. “For the Park, this is awesome.”

Posted 5/09/13 (Thu) read more »

Popular Mouse River Park watering hole to reopen soon

Ron Heisler just expects his errands to take longer these days. He gets stopped and questioned continuously by friends and strangers alike ever since the Renville County Park Board announced he would take over the operation of the Country Mouse Bar this summer.

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Seeding plans and concerns vary by area

The below-average temperatures and above-average snow cover kept everyone talking about the weather through April. Now, after the weekend’s extreme thaw, farmers have to deal with the impact of a late spring.

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Runoff quickly turns from a trickle to a gush

Kenmare residents experienced their own flood event Saturday as water at the Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge immediately west of town trickled, then gushed, then closed Ward County roads 1 and 2.

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Domestic violence rises in Kenmare and Minot area in the past two years

“Domestic violence victims often know what’s safest for them,” Nancy Murphy told audience members during the April meeting of the Kenmare Safe Communities organization. “Sometimes we have to be quiet and listen.”

Posted 5/07/13 (Tue) read more »

Jamaican scammers have too much information for comfort on Kenmare woman

“I thought maybe they would give me enough information so I could catch them at their game,” Shirley Christensen said about scam artists who called her cell phone Monday with an unbelievable prize offer.

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Kenmare school board approves $270,000 high school furnace project

The Kenmare school board moved forward Monday night on a project to replace the coal-fired boiler at the high school building.

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Berthold day care wants more kids

The Kids Academy day care facility in Berthold was opened in fewer than three years after a group of local residents formed a non-profit organization to provide child care for the community.

Posted 4/25/13 (Thu) read more »