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Water managers hoping for slow thaw and no rain event

“One thing we don’t want right now is a rain event.”

Posted 4/03/13 (Wed) read more »

Refuge de-waters to prepare for expected spring runoff

While the Des Lacs River flows south from the national wildlife refuge at Kenmare and joins the Mouse River near Burlington, the Mouse continues downstream to the J. Clark Salyer NWR before re-entering Canada. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service personnel are doing what they can to mitigate possible flooding that could result from the dense snow pack of Winter 2012-2013.

Posted 4/03/13 (Wed) read more »

Kenmare Safe Communities coalition forms

Start a list of community concerns among members of any organization, and that list is likely to include drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, elder abuse, poverty, housing needs, child protection and safety education. Even in Kenmare.

Posted 4/03/13 (Wed) read more »

Kenmare Ambulance has six new lifesavers

Six EMTs just joined the Kenmare Ambulance, after completing classes held every week since last October and a grueling final exam on March 9th.

Posted 3/28/13 (Thu) read more »

Officer Al starting new Berthold Police Force from the ground up

Al Schmidt enters the Tumbleweed Cafe on Berthold’s Main Street just like any other resident in town, greeting the waitresses by name as he walks through the door, waving and calling out a “Hello!” to customers gathered around a table drinking coffee.

Posted 3/28/13 (Thu) read more »

Kenmare School Board selects construction management and architect for potential expansion

The Kenmare school board took another step toward a major building project Thursday when they selected a construction management company and architect during the March board meeting.

Posted 3/27/13 (Wed) read more »

Jennifer Nelson takes on role of community promoter

“I’ll be the face of Kenmare,” said Jennifer (Knutson) Nelson from the seat she has taken as the new executive director for the Kenmare Community Development Corporation (KCDC), “out there to promote the area.”

Posted 3/23/13 (Sat) read more »

Firemen learn limitations and hazards of tank blazes

A tank fire set deliberately for training gave area firefighters the opportunity to learn how to deal with one type of fire they never want to see.

Posted 3/23/13 (Sat) read more »

Minnesota Limited sets up operation in Kenmare

Following a special meeting held by the Kenmare City Council March 13th, Minnesota Limited, LLC, officially established their presence in town.

Posted 3/23/13 (Sat) read more »

Church leaders see growing need for help in the community

Pastor John Syvertson, who serves the Lutheran churches in Kenmare and Bowbells, has spent plenty of hours riding Amtrak back and forth to Minneapolis, and he keeps having the same experience over and over.

Posted 3/23/13 (Sat) read more »