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Bob Mau honored with ND Community Leadership Award

Kenmare businessman, Bob Mau, was honored Monday with the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce Community Leadership Award.

10/21/09 (Wed)

By Terry Froseth

 Kenmare businessman, Bob Mau, was honored Monday with the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce Community Leadership Award.
Those on hand for the presentation during Kenmare’s GooseFest celebration included the governor and other state officials, Bob’s family, and many of his friends from the oil industry.
Kenmare Association of Commerce president Jamie Livingston nominated Mau for the award.
Livingston commended Mau on his business acumen, “Bob has been in the energy business for over 30 years. In an industry notorious for its ups and downs, Bob’s companies continue to be successful. Along the way, he has managed an oil and gas exploration company, a well service company, an oil drilling company, and an oilfield equipment manufacturing business.
“Bob is a visionary. He has the gift of being able to see what kind of businesses will be needed in the future and how existing businesses need to retool to stay ahead of the competition.”
While Mau’s central business is Eagle Operating Inc., Livingston also cited Mau’s involvement with other Kenmare businesses, including a motel, bar & grill, and storage rental buildings.
“The common theme here is that all of it was done in the city of Kenmare,” Livingston continued. “At present his businesses employ 172 people in Kenmare. What an impact that has on a community of 1,100 people.”
Mau has also been deeply involved in community and state organizations. He has served on the Kenmare Fund Itt committee, the Kenmare Community Development Corporation board, Nazareth Lutheran Church board, the committee that built the new high school football complex, and his businesses are members of the Association of Commerce.
On the state level, Mau has served as chairman and as a director of the North Dakota Petroleum Council, and the North Dakota State Chamber of Commerce. He was also appointed by the governor to serve on the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, the North Dakota Oil and Gas Research Council, and he has served on the North Dakota Workforce Development Board.
Governor John Hoeven praised Mau for “making a positive and wonderful difference for this area, and really, the state.”
“Thanks for having the courage to try some other things, for being the entrepreneur,” Hoeven said.
The governor also thanked Mau for his friendship, his help, and his support. “You’re exceptional that way,” Hoeven said.
In accepting the award, Mau gave credit to his family. “I can’t say enough about all my family’s support,” he said.
Mau recalled his humble beginnings in business in Kenmare, in the basement office of the old bowling alley. He remembered longtime Kenmare businessmen such as Gil Rauschenberger and Lester Hansen as being influential in getting involved in economic development.
“We’ve had many strong leaders in our community,” Mau said. “It’s not all about me.”
The presentation to Mau occurred as part of the Goose and Gander Social at Beer Bob’s Meeting Room on Monday evening. Along with the governor, several state officials were also in attendance, including Ron Rauschenberger, governor’s office Chief of Staff; Lisa (Christensen) Feldner, Chief Information Officer for the Information Technology Department; Ryan Rauschenberger, Deputy Tax Commissioner; Lynn Helms, Director of the Oil and Gas Division of ND Industrial Commission; Bruce Hicks, assistant director of the Oil and Gas Division; and State Representative Glen Froseth.
Officials independent of state government in attendance included Ron Ness, President of the North Dakota Petroleum Council; Jeb Oehlke, Vice President of the ND Chamber of Commerce; and Kenmare Mayor Roger Ness.