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Kids in pajamas invited to family reading night in Kenmare

So what could be better than mixing kids and books and refreshments and doorprizes? Wearing pajamas to do it, of course!

11/17/10 (Wed)

Evening of reading, refreshments, prizes and free books


So what could be better than mixing kids and books and refreshments and doorprizes?


Wearing pajamas to do it, of course!


The Kenmare PTA and Kenmare Public School are hosting the first annual Family Pajama Reading Night on Friday, December 3rd, from 7 to 9 pm at Kenmare High School.


And the organizers are serious about the “pajama” word.


“We want the kids to come in their pajamas,” said event co-chair Fay Froseth. “If the parents want to show up in their pajamas and get comfortable and read, that’s fine, too!”


The evening is targeted for children ages kindergarten through sixth grade, with younger brothers and sisters also welcome. Kids in seventh grade or above are also invited, especially if they want to wear pajamas and enjoy some books themselves or assist one of the younger groups.


Readers who come to the Family Pajama Reading Night will participate in several sessions with other kids their own age. One station will feature a “Book Walk” similar to a cakewalk, with books to give away to all participants.


Another station will highlight a Book Swap, where kids can bring in a book to exchange for another. The organizers expect to have a whole library’s worth of books on hand, however, so those kids who may not be able to part with one of their own beloved books can still pick up a new title to keep and enjoy from the Swap. Kids can create their own bookmarks and book plates in this session, too.


A third session will be all about hearing a good book as writer Caroline Downs and Kenmare Branch librarian Pauline Nielsen share some of their favorite titles with each group of young readers.


Kids will settle down to watch movies showing their favorite book characters in action at the fourth station, complete with popcorn.


Kenmare High School students and other volunteers will join the kids at each station and escort them for the evening. In the meantime, parents, grandparents and other adults are welcome to browse a selection of books for all ages provided by the UsBorne Company for purchase that evening.


Throughout the evening, the PTA will be selling tickets to win one of several decorated two-liter bottles stuffed full of treasures. In fact, anyone interested in filling and decorating a two-liter bottle for the event is welcome to participate.


“These can be theme-related if you want,” said Froseth, who suggested loading the bottles with things like school supplies, lip balms, craft supplies, novelty items, Kenmare Theatre certificates, temporary tattoos, jewelry, ribbons, confetti, candy, stickers and more. “I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!”


Admission to Family Pajama Reading Night is free, and snacks will be provided. The Kenmare PTA is spending $500 of its own funds, along with a generous $500 donation from Kenmare Veteran’s Club, Inc., just to purchase books for the event.


“There are kids out there who will gobble these books up,” Froseth said. “Every type of reading is good, whether it’s newspapers, magazines or novels. If you get the right book to the right kid, it opens up a whole bunch of doors.”


Books left over from the evening will be given to the Kenmare Elementary School so teachers can offer them as reading incentives. The elementary school staff is currently using several strategies with students to improve their reading skills and performance on reading tests. The Kenmare PTA wants to support the school in those efforts.


“We have decided reading is going to be our priority this year,” said Froseth. “Superintendent Mueller approached us to help with meeting their goals for Adequate Yearly Progress, and this night is one of our projects.”


The PTA is coordinating Family Pajama Reading Night with school staff members Molly Terveen, Michelle Bauer, Jean Barnhart and Barb Johnson.


“We need to tap into all sorts of interests,” said Froseth. “It doesn’t have to be a classic or whatever is considered the hot read right now. Reading is reading.”


Donations welcome

Persons with further questions about Family Pajama Reading Night or who want to donate to the event are welcome to contact Froseth at 701-385-4502, Becky Stroklund at 701-482-7771 or Christie Condit at 701-385-3061.


New or gently used books intended for elementary, middle grade and teen readers at the Book Swap can be left at The Kenmare News office or the Kenmare Branch Library by December 1st.


The entire evening is guaranteed to help young readers feel warm and cozy about reading, pajamas and all.


“These kids will walk out with at least two books to keep,” Froseth said. “This is one night they don’t have to buy anything and they don’t have to perform. They can just relax and read.”