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Jan Kostad is new Kenmare School Board president

The Kenmare School Board elected Jan Kostad as board president for the 2013-2014 fiscal year, during board’s regular meeting on July 16th.

7/24/13 (Wed)

By Caroline Downs

The Kenmare School Board elected Jan Kostad as board president for the 2013-2014 fiscal year, during board’s regular meeting on July 16th.

Kostad was nominated by outgoing president Lars Christensen and elected by unanimous ballot.

In turn, Doug Miller was elected vice-president of the board by unanimous ballot, following a nomination by Lenny Rodin.

Although no new board members were seated, committee assignments will change for the board’s new year. The changes will be announced at the August board meeting.

Salary increase for
Events Supervisor
After an extensive discussion, board members approved a revision to the extra-duty salary schedule that listed the Events Supervisor position salary at 8.75 percent of the district’s base salary.

A concern about the Events Supervisor’s pay was raised during the Activities Committee meeting. “We realized the ticket takers were making more than the Events Supervisor,” explained committee member Lars Christensen.

Business manager Renae Murphy noted the salary was established at $2,310 for the year, according to the former extra-duty salary schedule. “It went up to $3000, so that’s an increase of about $700,” she said.

The committee estimated the Events Supervisor would attend 40 to 42 events during the year.

“With that salary, they better be the last one out of here,” said Lenny Rodin. “They should make sure the lights are off when they go, and they should have doors open for people when they arrive.”

Committee chairman Doug Miller agreed. “People have to start doing their jobs for what we’re paying them,” he said.

Superintendent Duane Mueller suggested advertising for the Events Supervisor and Activities Director positions, and board members agreed. “Is there a way to advertise this so there’s a clear message for what we expect of them?” asked Michele Nelson.

Miller reported Superintendent Mueller recommends a school administrator be present at every home event during the year. According to Miller, Mueller has also prepared a list of responsibilities for clean-up crews to follow after a school activity or event.

Job descriptions prepared
for administrators
The board approved two job descriptions developed by the Policy Committee, following a report from committee chairman Blaine Huff and revisions suggested by board members.

Board members reviewed draft policies for the secondary/elementary principals in the district and for the activities director. Both descriptions listed the requirements for education level, experience desired, physical demands of the position, and other concerns.

Eighteen essential functions and duties were described for the principals’ positions, while 17 were included for the activities director. Indoor and outdoor working conditions for the positions were also covered in the documents.

Board members were pleased to have the information and expectations for the two positions organized in this format. “This is the first time we’ve had job descriptions in writing,” Kostad said.

In other business:
•Board members approved minutes of the June meeting and the district’s bills for payment, as presented.

•The board approved the year-end report presented by Murphy. She noted that the new electric boiler at the high school, the two mini-buses, half of the new computers, and half of the Read 180 program bill were paid from the 2012-2013 general fund, with half of the ceiling tile replacement project paid from the 2012-2013 building fund.

•The board adopted the Compensation for Educational Classes policy on second reading.

•Board members approved a list of teaching and coaching contracts returned for the 2013-2014 school year. The list was not provided to the media.

•The board reviewed a report of uncollected taxes for the district, amounting to about $50,000 for the general fund. Murphy noted the total showed a slight increase over the previous year’s amount of $46,000.

•Board members appointed elementary principal Janis Gerding as the district’s Title IX coordinator, and superintendent Duane Mueller as the coordinator for all other federal Title programs in the district.

•The board approved the revised employee handbook on first reading, along with tuition waivers for a kindergarten student and a fifth grade student who live in the Kenmare school district but will attend school in the Bowbells school district for the 2013-2014 academic year.

•Principal Gerding informed the board that teachers in grades kindergarten through five and the school librarian would be attending upcoming workshops for training in The Daily 5/CAFE assessments, related to literacy skills for students. She also noted she was working to establish a crisis response team that would assist students and staff members as situations arose.

•Superintendent Mueller informed the board the new electric boiler would be installed during the week of August 29th, and that ceiling tiles would be replaced in the band room entry area.

•Mueller announced student registration for the 2013-2014 school year would take place August 12th and 13th, with staff inservice days scheduled for August 14th and 15th and including a meeting with representatives from Kraus-Anderson about the proposed building project. Classes for students will begin Monday, August 19th.

•The Activities Committee, with members Miller, Kostad and Craig Ellsworth, will meet August 5th at 8 am at Kenmare High School.

•The Policy Committee, with members Huff, Nelson and Miller, will meet August 5th at 9 am at the high school.

•The Kenmare School Board will hold a community meeting to discuss a proposed building project for the district on Tuesday, August 20th, at 6:30 pm at Kenmare High School. The regular August school board meeting will follow at 7:30 pm.