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Dakota Prairie Creative Society wants to share the arts, promote regional talent and offer arts education to all ages

A new regional organization for artists and artisans was launched last week in Kenmare when the Dakota Prairie Creative Society held its first public meeting on April 28th.

5/04/11 (Wed)


By Caroline Downs
A new regional organization for artists and artisans was launched last week in Kenmare when the Dakota Prairie Creative Society held its first public meeting on April 28th.
Individuals from Kenmare, Bowbells, Donnybrook and Carpio met to form the non-profit group, which will serve artists across all disciplines and skill levels, and promote regional talent, under the theme of “Inspiring creativity and broadening horizons.”
“We decided to form a group to bring more awareness to the arts in this corner of the state,” said DPCS president Jane Kalmbach. “We want to offer arts education opportunities to adults in the area, and to bring our communities together to recognize and celebrate the arts.”
The Kenmare Veteran’s Club, Inc. supported the new organization with a generous $2500 donation toward costs related to establishing non-profit status, offering adult education classes, and advertising for the classes and other DPCS activities.
The DPCS will be served in its first year by vice-president Jayette Young, secretary Heather Livingston, treasurer Jessica Melin and board members Holly Kohler, Kiara Crosby, Nicole Michalenko and Caroline Downs, who were selected at Thursday’s meeting.
The new group started working on a calendar of events immediately. DPCS meetings will be scheduled monthly, to include both the organization’s business as well as discussions and presentations related to creativity and various artistic formats, marketing and promotion strategies, bookkeeping for artists and crafters, online sales, studio organization, and other topics of interest to members.
Adult art education classes for the public in quilting and photography will be scheduled during the coming weeks for Kenmare. The DPCS will also be looking to schedule classes in other communities, and anyone interested in either offering or hosting a class should contact Kalmbach at 701-385-4528, Crosby at 701-377-5583 or Downs at 701-377-3567.
DPCS members will be active at the Kenmare RibFest and Classy Car Show and the Burke County Fair, both on June 18th. Look for an artisans’ showcase, children’s crafts and more information about the organization at those events.
Individuals who participate in some form of the arts, or who would like to see more arts opportunities, exhibits or performances of all kinds, are encouraged to join the group. Reduced membership fees are currently available to young artists ages 15 to 25, and to first-year full members.
Current DPCS members live in Kenmare, Bowbells, Donnybrook and Carpio, with an invitation extended to all artists, and those who appreciate the arts, in all the northwest and north central counties of the state.
More news from DPCS and a schedule of events will be found on the Dakota Prairie Creative Society Facebook page. For further information about membership in DPCS, contact Jessica Melin at 701-385-3155, or any board member.