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Legacy Farm is one of only three licensed egg dealers in ND

One of Kenmare’s newest business ventures is clucking along on Legacy Farm northwest of town, where owner Kate Ankenbauer tends a small flock of hens and delivers fresh eggs to sell at Gartner’s Jack & Jill.

Posted 1/17/12 (Tue) read more »

MTI to close its Kenmare site . . .

After nearly 15 years in its location on Kenmare’s southside square, MTI will be closing the doors there January 27th.

Posted 1/17/12 (Tue) read more »

Fish houses in the lake at Darling

Any fish houses still on Lake Darling rest on thin ice these days. Literally.

Posted 1/11/12 (Wed) read more »

Voters defeat $12 million bond issue for Berthold Public School renovation

Voters in the Lewis & Clark Public School District No. 161 defeated a proposal to issue $12 million in bonds to fund a building and renovation project for Berthold Public School.

Posted 1/11/12 (Wed) read more »

Texas man dies Thursday on flooded road near Tolley

One man died after an early morning incident west of Tolley resulted in two vehicles breaking through the ice on a flooded township road.

Posted 1/11/12 (Wed) read more »

City renews permits for temporary housing sites

Permits have been renewed for two locations within the Kenmare city limits that have allowed temporary housing units.

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Vote is Monday on $12 million plan for Berthold School renovation and addition

Finding a quiet, private space anywhere at Berthold Public School is nearly impossible this year, in a building where every nook and cranny is used for classes, storage, office space or one-on-one instruction for special needs students.

Posted 1/04/12 (Wed) read more »

Rytters' participation in local bird count goes back to 1950s

The usual job titles and responsibilities were set aside at the Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge on December 14th for the 111th annual National Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count.

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Berthold kids say classrooms are squished

Students at Berthold Elementary School like their classes and their teachers just fine, but they feel crowded in their building. Just ask them.

Posted 1/04/12 (Wed) read more »

Hair stylist picked the right profession 52 years ago

Sharon Inman of Cutters Corner has a full schedule this Friday, including permanents and color jobs.

Posted 12/28/11 (Wed) read more »