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Upside Down Under

By Marvin Baker, a new weekly column in The Kenmare News

Rock 'n' Roll community...

There are several bands that have enjoyed a longevity spanning more than 50 years. The first name that comes to mind is the Rolling Stones, who surfaced in 1962 and struck the airways with their first hit song “Satisfaction,” in 1965.

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Investing in the loonie...

Back in the late ‘60s, my uncle had a fancy calendar from the Royal Bank of Canada. It was one of those that you could manually change the date and the year so it was good to infinity.

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Interesting airport tidbits...

If you travel beyond North Dakota’s borders, my guess is you’re going to someplace exotic like Salt Lake City or Little Rock?

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The media aren't the problem...

For the past couple of years, there’s been this perception of how bad the media is; how we make up stories, we interview people who don’t actually exist and of course, the “fake news” moniker.

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Stop and smell the borage...

I often talk to pastors in my line of work and some of them are more firm than others regarding the Bible, the church and their congregations.

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North Dakota's pro athletes...

Ever since Carson Wentz was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles, it appears to have changed the entire dynamic of North Dakota athletes seeking positions in the professional ranks.

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Carpio tunnel syndrome...

In May 2005, while I was weekend editor at the Minot Daily News, the managing editor sent me on assignment to Regina to cover the royal visit of Queen Elizabeth who was officially opening the Saskatchewan Centennial.

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That's kind of ironic...

The other day my wife sent me to the grocery store to pick up some garbage bags. You know, the ones that fit in that rectangular basket that usually is positioned under the kitchen sink.

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Missing influential people...

Do you ever think about people you knew as a child? These are people from your hometown or from visits your parents made to other communities.

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Fascinating reading...

For the past several weeks, one of my assignments has been to find information about the local boys in The Kenmare News archives who were involved in World War I and write about their experiences.

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