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Upside Down Under

By Marvin Baker, a new weekly column in The Kenmare News

It's a small but odd world...

Those of us who live here in North Dakota take a lot of ribbing about our location. People constantly get it wrong, don’t know how to find it on a map and when you ask them where North Dakota is, “Isn’t that someplace over by Chicago?”

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Is 'Wexit' the answer?...

There’s a movement going on across the border in Canada that is becoming quite serious and if it ever comes to pass, could change history.

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Harmless and unforgettable pranks...

Have you ever pulled a harmless prank on someone? You know, the kind of gag that doesn’t get anybody hurt, or get any property damaged.

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A strange trend continues...

Back in the late ‘70s and right out of high school, I worked for a flax straw processor called Olin. We traveled to various communities and processed farmers’ straw to be made into Bible pages and cigarette papers of all things.

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We are getting bigger...

Have you ever watched that Smucker’s TV commercial where two boys are delivering jelly to their neighbors from a wagon in the early 1950s?

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Mr. Electricity retires from football...

After 11 seasons in the Canadian Football League, Bismarck’s own Weston Dressler has retired from the CFL and has joined Sanford in Bismarck as a senior community relations specialist.

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An oportunist's dream...

We hear about scams all the time. Many of them are telephone scams that annoy the dickens out of us but they seem impossible to trace.

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The running of the critters...

Several years ago when I was working as ag reporter at the Minot Daily News, I got a call from an individual who lived just west of Garrison. He wanted me to go out to his farm because he wanted me to see something unusual.

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An occasional promoter of our state...

Most of us weren’t even aware that Randy Bachman played a concert in Fargo back in January. It was one of those impromptu performances in a lesser known venue, something that has become somewhat common in Fargo.

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Recognizing those who deserve it...

OK, so three Walmarts get shot up or terrorized in a week, some crazy decides he’s going to take out as many people as he can at the Gilroy Garlic Festival, then there’s the Russian dude who decided to see what people’s reactions were if he walked into a Walmart with a loaded AR-15.

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