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Upside Down Under

By Marvin Baker, a new weekly column in The Kenmare News

Bring back the league...

Looking through old copies of the newspaper lately, there was an entry in 1980 in which someone was trying to resurrect the Non Partisan League and a meeting was scheduled for a constitutional convention in Rugby.

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Damned if you do and.....

In December and January we get all our seed catalogs in the mail and some of us get around to ordering right away, while others, like myself, procrastinate.

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Unique small towns in our state...

North Dakota has three cities in the Red River Valley that border communities on the Minnesota side. They include Grand Forks-East Grand Forks, Fargo-Moorhead and Wahpeton-Brekenridge.

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Newspapers have a rich history...

After last week’s information about the metamorphosis of  North Dakota newspapers in recent years, it might be good to reflect back on the history of journalism in the state.

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there's pride in print in N.D....

Some interesting things have been going on in North Dakota newspapers in the past several months.

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Does passive reflection work?...

Watching TV or listening to FM radio from rural North Dakota can be quite challenging. You certainly need the right equipment to get a quality picture or radio signal.

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Could Mott be the answer?...

Most of us study the weather regardless of whether we think we do or not. Just by default, by living in North Dakota this is something we always pay close attention.

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Will Estevan glow in the dark?...

For several weeks we’ve been wrangling with officials in Saskatchewan about nuclear power and its implications.

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Join and grow the movement...

Even though winter likes to hang on into April, many of us were reminded last weekend in Mandan that spring is just around the corner.

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Respecting nature in winter...

When I see people walking around outside wearing shorts when it’s 5 degrees, or those who don’t have gloves or some kind of head gear at that temperature, they’re taking a huge risk.

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