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Upside Down Under

By Marvin Baker, a new weekly column in The Kenmare News

The man who never dies...

Sometimes we run across information that is difficult to believe and nearly impossible to understand.

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An Army buddy reunited...

It must have been about six or seven years ago. I had already been transferred to Camp Grafton for my National Guard job and the Army was in the process of upgrading its email system.

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The 'weird' Wagner family

When I was growing up in Hazelton my friends and I spent a lot of time playing baseball because there just wasn’t anything else to do in a small town except maybe harass the grocery store owner.

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A memorable Christmas...

This Christmas marks 10 years since the 129th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment of the North Dakota National Guard was on active duty and away from home.

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Proposition 65 very informative...

Several years ago I had a morbid curiosity to find a harmful link between malathion and wheat and began researching.

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An unforgettable date in American history...

Today is a grim date in American history. It should be noted that of all the conflicts the United States has fought in its 240-year history, Dec. 7, 1941 is the one day that personifies an entire war in which 417,000 Americans lost their lives.

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Beware of Chromium 6

I recently watched an episode of the afternoon TV show “The Doctors.” They had a guest who was talking about Chromium 6 in the nation’s water supply.

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Dairy farms getting milked dry

In 1934 there were more dairy cows in North Dakota than people. A total of 700,000 has slowly but steadily dwindled to about 15,000 today, the equivalent population of Jamestown.

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39 Highway continues...

There’s a major construction project going on in southern Saskatchewan that is going to directly impact North Dakota and few officials in the state seem concerned about it.

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Historic calamity...

There is no doubt this presidential election has been an historic one, but it’s all for the wrong reasons.

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