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Upside Down Under

By Marvin Baker, a new weekly column in The Kenmare News

A greenhouse within a greenhouse...

After getting a good response from last week’s article, here is more food for thought about greenhouses, no pun intended.

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Fresh food in the depth of winter...

In the past few years here in North Dakota, a number of people have attempted to grow garden produce in winter greenhouses.

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You can't make this up...

It was sometime in January 1974 and we had a stretch of really nice weather, especially for that time of year.

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Back when politics was fun...

As we go into the new year, we are reminded every day on the news there is a general election that will take place in November.

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Linton visits Linton...

My first job out of college was working at the Emmons County Record in Linton. It was my hometown newspaper so I already knew my way around pretty well.

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A valuable lesson at Christmas...

Back in September, my wife and I went to a wedding in Lake Elsinore, Calif. As she was getting ready I told her it was exactly how I remembered it 43 years ago.

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Why not take a staycation?...

In the eight years I worked at the Minot Daily News, I did a segment every Monday called “On the Road.” It was well received by many readers and I really enjoyed doing it.

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It's a small but odd world...

Those of us who live here in North Dakota take a lot of ribbing about our location. People constantly get it wrong, don’t know how to find it on a map and when you ask them where North Dakota is, “Isn’t that someplace over by Chicago?”

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Is 'Wexit' the answer?...

There’s a movement going on across the border in Canada that is becoming quite serious and if it ever comes to pass, could change history.

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Harmless and unforgettable pranks...

Have you ever pulled a harmless prank on someone? You know, the kind of gag that doesn’t get anybody hurt, or get any property damaged.

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