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Upside Down Under

By Marvin Baker, a new weekly column in The Kenmare News

A disturbing trend next door...

During a normal week, I would write something in this space about North Dakota, from the Roger Maris Museum to agriculture in Divide County and just about anything in between.

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From Roswell to Donnybrook...

There have been a number of news reports in recent weeks about research the Pentagon is doing on UFOs.

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My how things have changed...

I was on the North Dakota High School Activities website the other day and noticed there are now three “super” regions in Class B basketball. They may have been there last year, I just hadn’t noticed until now.

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As Canadian as poutine...

People will deny it, say it’s coincidental or they’ll come up with some other lame excuse that disqualifies them from being “Canadian.”

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Dec. 29 is an historical day...

On Friday, many people in this part of the country will observe a somber anniversary that still has people talking 127 years after it happened.

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Christmas on the Western Front...

Having been involved in writing a continuing series about World War I from July to November, I feel compelled to extend it one more time and ask the question, what was Christmas like in 1917?

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Local history at its best...

Do you ever wonder how local people reacted to a powerful or catastrophic event in the past?

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Are the Jestsons passing through?...

Back in October, there was a summit meeting held in Kenmare that brought Saskatchewan and North Dakota transportation officials together to consider improvements on U.S. Highway 52 and Saskatchewan Provincial Highway 39.

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Could it be poor marketing?...

Over the years, the North Dakota Department of Commerce, the Ag Department, the Tourism Department and others have promoted a lot of businesses that no longer exist.

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North Dakota goes Hollywood

Several weeks ago we posted information in this space about North Dakota’s professional athletes. If you’re walking through the state capitol halls you’ll find portraits of the likes of Fido Purpur and Virgil Hill.

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