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Upside Down Under

By Marvin Baker, a new weekly column in The Kenmare News

Now let's keep Kenmare clean...

When spring rolls around we are all anxious to get outside and live a better life than what we’ve dealt with for the past seven months.

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The Chinese take another step...

Have you ever heard of the Alibaba Internet site?

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Caveat Emptor...

Am I missing something? Have I been living under a rock for the past 30 years? Did I get my journalism degree at the wrong university?

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A music icon or a disgrace?...

Blues musician Jesse Winchester may have been better known for dodging the Vietnam War draft in 1967.

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In a place where less is more...

A residual effect of a recent trip to the VA Hospital in Fargo opened my eyes to what I think many people have been misled about in recent years.

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Building on Earth Day...

Now that we've made it through Tax Day, we can begin to focus on Earth Day next Tuesday.

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Is North Dakota scenic in winter?...

Times have changed in western North Dakota as indicated in this column originally printed in the Cavalier County Republican in January 1999.

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The disappearing free press...

Censorship, cover up, secrecy and propaganda are all dirty words in a democracy, yet there seems to be some sort of a paradigm shift toward this kind of attitude.

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The Kenmare News online

If you are a snowbird living in California, Arizona, Texas or Florida and have become frustrated with delivery of your Kenmare News, I think I might have the answer for you.

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North Dakota's 'Riel' history...

They say truth is stranger than fiction and if you read history books you will see how remarkable that really is.

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