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Upside Down Under

By Marvin Baker, a new weekly column in The Kenmare News

Where's the customer service?...

There’s a subject that comes up occasionally that tends to be a sore spot for some folks, but it keeps resurfacing so maybe something should be said and done about it.

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Interesting state capitol news...

There’s been a story floating around the nation lately about North Dakota that seems to be intriguing to a lot of people.

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More obscure N.D. history...

There’s a rather obscure place in North Dakota that few people know about, that just happens to be a critical link to our past.

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A grain elevator pioneer...

Chances are if you grew up in North Dakota, you were raised in a town that had at least one wooden grain elevator structure.

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Is your city safe or dangerous?...

There was a recent report by the National Council for Home Safety and Security placing West Fargo as the safest city in North Dakota in 2018.

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Stealing your identity...

Have you ever had your identity stolen or has anyone attempted to claim they were you?

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What is our weather telling us?...

There’s no doubt North Dakota has four seasons. We can get as hot as the Arizona desert and as cold as the high Arctic.

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Is a breakthrough near?...

Nobody knows exactly what causes multiple sclerosis. There are theories all over the scale, and some of them are quite credible, but nobody can look you in the eye and say “yes, this is what causes MS.”

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Do you know Joe Belford?...

In the late 1990s, when I worked at the Cavalier County Republican in Langdon, I got to know Joe Belford.

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Searching for famous people...

Several weeks ago we discussed famous athletes from North Dakota and later movie stars who got their start here.

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