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Young Minot family claims GooseFest jackpot

Ned, Tracy and Melayna Strand took an unlikely Tuesday afternoon road trip Oct. 28 to claim their grand prize in the 2014 GooseFest raffle drawing.

11/04/14 (Tue)

GooseFest pickup winner . . .  Ned Strand, his wife Tracy and their 10-year-old daughter Melayna, Minot, stopped into Nore’s Auto & Trailer Sales last Tuesday to claim the grand prize in the 2014 GooseFest raffle draw. Ned Strand purchased the $30 winning ticket, taking home the grand prize, a 2014 Chevrolet pickup, valued at about $40,000. 

By Marvin Baker

Ned Strand was pacing back and forth while his wife Tracy was rummaging through paper work. Daughter Melayna showed a blank stare but with a huge smile.

The Strands, Minot, took an unlikely Tuesday afternoon (Oct. 28) road trip to Kenmare to claim their grand prize in the 2014 GooseFest raffle drawing, a 2014 Chevrolet pickup.

“It’s really shiny and I think it has 18-inch wheels,” Ned Strand said when he first saw the vehicle at Nore’s Auto & Trailer Sales in Kenmare. “This is.... Wow!”

Of 2,500 tickets sold, Ned purchased the winning ticket for $30. He drove away from Kenmare with a prize valued at close to $40,000.

His new ride is a new style extended cab, 4-wheel drive with the Z71 package, which means it has a few bells and whistles the Strands are sure to enjoy. It has cloth seats, power windows and power locks, according to Larry Nore, of Nore’s Auto & Trailer Sales.

“My friends have been calling me this and that,” Ned Strand said. “Now, I’m really in for it.”

On the contrary, Strand was congratulated by Nore, and Jamie Livingston, who was there representing the GooseFest.

Tracy Strand told The Kenmare News her son Trey, who couldn’t be with them on Tuesday, had already been asking about getting to drive this Chevy he hadn’t even seen.

Tracy was a little reluctant to agree to that, but added Trey, 15, and his father will most likely be riding in the vehicle together.

Melayna, who is 10, appeared to be in disbelief the entire time the Strands were at Nore’s dealership.

Disbelief perhaps, but unbelievably happy for her family.

Ned Strand grew up in Mohall and still keeps connections in the Kenmare area. Tracy Strand grew up in Lignite so the Strands, at least, pass through Kenmare occasionally.

“Keep it local,” Ned Strand said about his winning the grand prize in Kenmare. “Now my friends are really going to rib me.”

The reality of it is, Tracy may be the greatest benefactor in this 2-ton burgundy GooseFest gift with black interior. She works at the Minot Air Force Base and currently drives back and forth in her Chevrolet Camaro.

“I don’t think the wife’s Camaro is going to do much good this winter,” Ned Strand said. “She may be taking this to work.”

After Nore handed Ned the keys and Tracy taped a new purchase sticker in the back window, The Strands were ready drive off into the sunset.

It was understood that Ned would drive the new truck home. Melayna decided to ride with her mother despite her euphoria.

“But not before we go have supper,” Ned Strand said. “We can’t come to Kenmare without having pizza. Keep it local.”...Read EVERY WORD on EVERY PAGE of The Kenmare News by subscribing--online or in print!