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Screen printing now available at One Stop

A new, recently installed screen printing machine and software program, has allowed Kenmare One Stop owner Penny Sigloh to screen print fabrics locally for the first time.

3/05/14 (Wed)

Your logo here... Penny Sigloh takes a hooded sweatshirt off the screen printer during its initial operation, Friday, Feb. 21. Screen printing locally will significantly cut turn around time, according to Sigloh.

By Marvin Baker

A new, recently installed screen printing machine and software program, has allowed Kenmare One Stop owner Penny Sigloh to screen print fabrics locally for the first time.

Friday (Feb. 21) was the inaugural day of operation for the machinery that is capable of producing full-color images on a variety of fabrics in a matter of minutes.

“Once the ink is on and it goes through a drier, it’s done in minutes,” she said. “This machine is capable of up to four colors and a mix to make any color imaginable.”

Sigloh, who had been sending screen-print orders to an outlet in Minot, decided to purchase the equipment because the individual who did her job work, passed away.

“It was something my customers needed. We actually had to have it,” Sigloh said. “For the last five years I contracted out and once we lost that contractor, we had to make a change. Before I decided to do this, I went to Minot and found everybody is four to five weeks out. I don’t want my customers to wait that long.”

One of the advantages of screen printing, according to Sigloh, is that it’s far more economical than embroidery. Yes, One Stop has embroidery equipment that is usually humming away when you go into the store, but screen printing offers a whole new realm in business solutions.

“You don’t have to order (Kenmare) Honkers stuff any more, it’s made right here,” Sigloh said. “Screen printing is great for non-profits, companies can give away more items because it’s economical and with the Internet, there’s shipping and you wait. Here, it can be the next day.”

Sigloh admits she isn’t computer savvy so getting used to and understanding the software program was a bit of an adjustment. She said it’s quite extensive, but that said, there are tens of thousands of examples of art on file to choose from. If a company has its own logo, that can be scanned and used as well.

“The biggest challenge was the software,” Sigloh said. “I’m not computer savvy so I got the higher-end software to help me get through it. The programs are there, the pictures are there, it’s all there.”

The biggest item for screen printing is the T-shirt, according to Sigloh. But, heavier fabric such as sweatshirts can be screen printed, grocery bags, jackets, towels and canvas, among others. Just about any fabric that can be laid flat and isn’t too course, can be printed.

And just to show the quick turn-around time and quality, Sigloh said she is donating T-shirts to Kenmare High School’s After Prom party that’s coming up this spring.

In addition, she intends to run an ongoing special. If you order 12 or more white T-shirts with a one-color print, and you can vary the sizes, the cost is $3.99 per shirt any time.

“I’ve had several calls in the past couple of days,” Sigloh said. “I’ve had some orders from Kenmare and some from out of town. Once the word got out, it has brought more customers.”

Sigloh said it’s important to remember that this service is now offered locally, and that in itself has advantages.

She said you can search the Internet, find screen printers and make a purchase, but the problem is, you have to pay for shipping and there’s a waiting period before receiving the merchandise. In Minot, you can place your order, but you’ll wait several weeks to obtain the product.

In addition, it has already allowed Sigloh to hire an additional full-time staff person, bringing to seven, the number of people working at One Stop who will all eventually get training on operation of the equipment.

Embroidery is offered at One Stop, but Sigloh said it’s difficult to embroider T-shirts. That is often left to heavier fabrics and those that don’t lay flat on a surface. One example is flame retardant clothing, which is often embroidered.

Regardless of whether it’s screen printing or embroidery or sale of a clothing item, Sigloh says customer service is paramount.

“I just think the more we can offer in Kenmare, the better,” Sigloh said. “There’s no need to go out of town." ... Read EVERY WORD on EVERY PAGE of The Kenmare News by subscribing--online or in print!