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Red Carpet Beauty and Body opens in Kenmare

When Emmy and Jeremy Handeland moved to Kenmare from Williston more than a year ago, they decided they wanted to open some sort of business that would be good for the community so people wouldn’t have to go to Minot for the service.

1/24/17 (Tue)

New on the square . . . Emmy Handeland at the reception desk on opening day of Red Carpet Beauty and Body, located on the north side of Kenmare’s downtown business square in the building that was previously home to The Kenmare News.

By Marvin Baker

When Emmy and Jeremy Handeland moved to Kenmare from Williston more than a year ago, they decided they wanted to open some sort of business that would be good for the community so people wouldn’t have to go to Minot for the service.

After doing a lot of research, they came up with Red Carpet Beauty and Body, a business in the former Kenmare News building that offers a wide array of items for health and beauty that you would find in many boutiques.

The Handelands purchased the building from Terry Froseth on Nov. 11.

“My daughter and I were going to Minot and we got tired of it,” Emmy Handeland said. “I’m sure there are others out there too.”

At the top of Handeland’s service items are two tanning beds that she called Level 2 and Level 4. She said the Level 4 bed has more bells and whistles such as more lights, intensity and length of time the person tans.

Facial tanning will be included. She said not everyone partakes in facial tanning, but the key is to have that option available.

“We will have a full line of tanning, moisturizing and extending life of tan lotions,” Handeland said. “We will have a full line of skin care and make up line available under the brand name Younique.”

That includes a teeth whitening option for those interested.

Red Carpet will also have a weekly Thrive support group after hours that brings locals into the store. Handeland has already had several support group meetings. Thrive is a nutrition supplement that helps increase energy.

It also helps with weight management, cognitive performance, healthy joint function, calming general discomforts, antioxidant support, lean muscle support and digestive and immune support.

“Our goal is, we want to help build self esteem and confidence in people by taking care of their body to make them look and feel good,” Handeland said.

In addition, she is partnering with Stevick Business Forms and Specialty Co., in Minot that offers customized sports apparel, clothing, jackets, hats and other items such as coffee mugs, ink pens, or just about anything people would want for marketing, as Handeland describes it.

Locally, Mike and Kris Zimmer have been involved with Stevick and now have numerous clothing items on display in the boutique.

“You can walk in and purchase items off the rack, or look at catalogs to choose a T-shirt, hat or whatever they want,” Handeland said. “Now people can just stop in because we have a local store front.”

She added when she grew up there were three clothing stores in the Downtown Square, so her thought of a clothing boutique was satisfied when the Zimmers decided to enter in as a partner.

Younique products will be in the front of the store, along with the Stevick items. The tanning booths and other equipment will be in the back where the newspaper dark room and printing presses were located.

Handeland has an ambitious business plan laid out for Red Carpet. In six months, she would like to have six or seven service rooms, meaning a room customers may go into for privacy. She wants to add a hydro massage and a relaxation/rehydration capsule, a spray tan booth, a stand-up tanning bed and possibly an infrared sauna.

“I have always worked,” she said. “I’m a person who needs to stay busy. I love interaction with people and I love customer service.”

Customers may purchase points for any of the service rooms and each service will be based on an amount of points depending on the level of that service.

Unlimited monthly tanning is also available and customers may purchase those packages if interested.

But for now it’s two tanning booths and the line of products, a big leap forward considering the building was only purchased in mid November and a complete renovation has taken place.

“I have people who want to get in before vacation,” Handeland said. “I don’t have everything in; maybe around Valentine’s Day.”

Red Carpet Beauty and Body will be open seven days a week, according to Handeland. Monday through Friday, it will open at 9 a.m., and close at 8 p.m. On Saturday it will be 9-6 and on Sunday noon to 6.

“There are a lot of customers who want to come in after work and students as well so we have to be open,” she said. “I want to make it as easy and convenient for people from outlying communities.”

Customers don’t have to make an appointment. It will all be walk-in business with a first come, first served, sort of like a beauty shop or barber shop, according to Handeland.

She said sometimes people don’t really know when they can make it to the boutique, thus the extended hours will accommodate that demographic as well.

Handeland herself will be the main employee and she will have two or three high school girls assisting on nights and weekends. In addition, another person will be on staff to work when Handeland isn’t able to be there.

“It’s all self serve when you go into the rooms,” she said. “We won’t have any technicians or private services.”

Up until Friday, Handeland said there was nothing in Kenmare that offered a variety of body services. Now, Red Carpet fills the bill.

“The goal is to have it all up and running by fall,” Handeland said. “But tanning season is January to May, that’s why we pushed to get open.”

Handeland will be the sole owner of Red Carpet Beauty and Body.

She is very focused on what she intends to do with her new business on the North Side Square in downtown Kenmare. Part of it is to educate her customers because she said there are a lot of places like hers, especially those with tanning booths, that don’t assist their customers in knowing everything about tanning.

“I’ve been tanning over 20 years and it’s a lack of education,” she said. “I want to educate my clients so they’re tanning responsibly.”

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