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M&K Pizza Hub adding storage space

A major convenience is coming to M&K Pizza Hub and customers won't see any changes in the restaurant.

6/09/15 (Tue)

Adding on... A new storage area is currently being built by Rob Wittman Construction behing the M&K Pizza Hub in Kenmare. The new space will house a walk-in freezer that owner Kathy Cook says will be more convenient in the restaurant and will save money because of few delivery costs.

By Marvin Baker

A major convenience is coming to M&K Pizza Hub and customers won’t see any changes in the restaurant.

But the owners, Mark and Kathy Cook, and other employees will notice a huge change in how they carry out the routine of daily business.

“We’re building a walk-in freezer and storage space,” Kathy Cook said. “We’ll pop a hole in the side of the building.”

Cook said they got a big break when they were able to purchase a walk-in freezer from the former Speedway Restaurant near Minot.

That thought alone, allowed the Cooks to breathe a sigh of relief, since they use beef from cattle they raise on their farm.

“All of the meat we butcher is kept in six freezers at home,” Cook said. “We carry it in, then we carry it out and bring it to town.”

First of all, she said, the addition will obviously be more convenient. Second, she hopes that one freezer operating instead of six, will be less of a burden and space consumer and finally, the beef will be stored right in the restaurant so employees will have easier access when they’re building pizzas or making fresh hamburgers.

In addition, from a standpoint of bottom line, Cook is hoping the storage space will allow M&K to “lose a truck or two” that deliver products to the restaurant.

Since motor fuel spiked in price in the summer of 2014, freight companies have tacked on a fuel surcharge each time they make a delivery.

Cook said she is hoping that surcharge can be whittled down with fewer deliveries to the restaurant with the added storage space.

“Hopefully by the end of June we’ll have it up and enclosed,” Cook said. “And then we’ll get the freezer up and running.”

Cook said customers won’t see any changes in the restaurant itself.

The addition is just beyond the southwest corner of the current building. The south side of the restaurant will remain the same with an area for video games and a space for young children to play.

The north side will stay the same where diners enjoy daily buffet meals and may order an adult beverage if they choose.

The real change, according to Cook will be off the kitchen area, where employees will be able to enter the new addition from the kitchen.

The only other change pending, according to Cook, is that a couple of new employees have been added for the summer months to accommodate a perceived increase in customers while children are out of school.

Cook said the project is being done by Rob Wittman Construction, Kenmare... Read EVERY WORD on EVERY PAGE of The Kenmare News by subscribing--online or in print!