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Lewis & Clark-Berthold School enrolls total of 265 students

The Bombers’ ranks have swelled by 20 students, with 265 students enrolled for the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year, compared to an enrollment of 245 last year.

8/26/09 (Wed)


The Bombers’ ranks have swelled by 20 students, with 265 students enrolled for the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year, compared to an enrollment of 245 last year.


The incoming kindergartners have the largest class in the district with 26 students. At the other end of the grade spectrum, the Class of 2010 has 18 members looking forward to their graduation day.


The elementary school welcomed 142 students when classes began on Thursday, with 17 first graders, 18 second graders, 20 third graders, 16 fourth graders, 22 fifth graders and 23 sixth graders.


“There are seven new families that moved to Berthold and Carpio this summer with students in the elementary [school],” said Lewis & Clark-Berthold elementary principal Melissa Lahti. “I am thrilled to welcome the new families and students to Berthold. We are having a blast with all the new smiling faces. Keep them coming!”


Three students joined first grade, one new student apiece went to the second and third grades, two joined fifth grade, and three showed up for sixth grade.


According to Lahti, the preschool ranks grew by five children new to town and the kindergarten class surpassed the expected enrollment by four students.


Berthold Elementary School opening day enrollment increased by 17 students, from 125 in August 2008 to 142 last week. Lahti said a few next textbooks had to be ordered, but the 10 new desks purchased last spring were ready for use.


“I also added another playground supervisor to the recess with kindergarten and grades two, five and six,” she said.


The kindergarten numbers have created their own challenges, but Lahti believes the current solutions will work for the students’ benefits. Berthold Elementary School holds full-day kindergarten on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays of each week. “We were able to get creative with scheduling and space so the class will be split in the mornings for reading and math,” Lahti said.


Mrs. Brooke Storro teaches the students and will be joined by Mrs. Laurie Brown to divide the class for those reading and math lessons. A full-time aide has also been assigned to the kindergarten class.


“If you want to put a smile on your face, or possibly lose a bit of your sanity, come watch the kindergartners go through the lunch line,” Lahti said. “I appreciate the phone calls that Mrs. Storro and I received from concerned parents who did want to split. I would have liked that, too, but we do not currently have any room or space. We will be monitoring [the class] closely to make certain that students’ needs are met.”


The junior high numbers remained the same as last year at 41 students, with 19 kids attending seventh grade classes and 22 on the eighth grade roster, including one new student.


High school enrollment increased by three students compared to last year, with 82 Bombers filling the classrooms in grades 9 through 12. The freshmen class welcomed two new members for a total of 25 students and the distinction of being the largest class in the high school. Eighteen students were listed for the sophomore class, and one new student joined the junior roster to bump the total to 20.


As the school year opened, the new kids seemed to settle into the routine at Lewis & Clark-Berthold High School. “We’re off to a great start,” said high school principal Peggy Person, “and we’re looking forward to a good year.”