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Kenmare Fire Department replaces burned truck

A little more than two weeks after the Kenmare Fire Department lost its quick response truck to a field fire near Coulee, the firefighters have a new truck in service. And it came from just a short distance away.

9/12/12 (Wed)

New truck in the fleet . . .
The Kenmare Fire Department's new quick
response truck, on display Tuesday to commemorate 9-11, is a Ford
F-550 Super Duty crew cab.  It was built in 2009 for the Carpio Fire
Department and has 3,000 miles on the odometer.


City Council meets

By Terry Froseth

A little more than two weeks after the Kenmare Fire Department lost its quick response truck to a field fire near Coulee, the firefighters have a new truck in service. And it came from just a short distance away.

The Carpio Fire Department had made the decision to sell its nearly new quick response truck, about the same time Kenmare’s truck was damaged.

Councilman and firefighter Troy Hedberg said, “We were really lucky to get that style of truck, that quickly.”

Councilman and fire department secretary Chuck Leet said the Carpio truck was purchased for $77,000.

The Kenmare Fire Department has applied for a $30,000 grant to partially pay for the truck. In the meantime, they received a six month loan from the State Bank and Trust of Kenmare, allowing the firemen to buy the truck and put it into service here this past Friday.

Leet said the purchase price also included a radio, nozzles, and hose.

Trees marked for removal
City public works director Mike Thompson informed the council 101 Dutch elm diseased trees have been marked for removal, following an assessment by a state forester.

“They’re all marked pretty well,” Thompson said.

Mayor Roger Ness said, “We slowed it down very well four years ago.”

Thompson added, “The forester said Kenmare has been one of the more progressive towns for removing diseased trees.”

The council approved giving property owners until the end of October to remove marked trees from their property, or have the city hire it done and assess the cost to the property owner.

Thompson said the diseased trees must be hauled to the city’s new landfill, where they will be burned.

The city will try to get an estimate from a tree service for a per tree removal cost.

New water tower will
be filled Wednesday
The city’s new water tower will be filled from the NAWS water tower for the first time on Wednesday.

Justin Froseth of Ackerman-Estvold said the tower already contains disinfectant. The water will also be tested before it is released for public use.

Ryan Ackerman of Ackerman-Estvold said some city users may see an immediate improvement in water pressure.

Ackerman added there could be some water line breaks in a small area a couple blocks from the high school, where the old water lines may not withstand an increase of 15-30 psi in water pressure.

The old water tower will be dismantled some time after the new tower is fully operational.

New lamp posts
needed downtown
New lighting for around the downtown business square was discussed again.

A previous estimate by Ackerman-Estvold placed the cost at $275,000 to replace the existing lamp posts.

Ackerman said the city should first decide how the lights will be paid for, whether by special assessment, donations, or city sales tax.

Ness stated, “I’d like to see it done. Our wiring downtown is horrific.” He added that the poles are also in poor condition.

Ness instructed the Street Committee of Chuck Leet, Todd Ankenbauer, and Paul Standard to work on the project.

City sells $1.6 million
in bonds for water
and sewer extension
The council approved financing of the extension of water and sewer service to the two new 12-unit apartment complexes, as well as to the new Gooseneck Implement site.

Bonds were sold Monday for $1.6 million to finance the project, with the city paying 2.063 interest.

The council also approved the means to pay for the bonds, through a special assessment district for the property served.

Water and sewer hookup fees for future development must also be established. Justin Froseth explained the fees may be somewhat different for each new user, depending on how much water and sewer line is needed for each new development.

In other action:
• City financial officer Jan Kostad presented the financial statement. He informed the council an adjusted preliminary budget will assess 85.4 mills, which is .25 mills less than the year before.

• The council approved the new budget.

• City Limits Bar was approved for transfer of its liquor license to the Memorial Hall on September 22 for a wedding dance and reception.

• Three building permits were approved. One to Glen Froseth for a privacy fence. One to Andy Mau for an airport hangar. One to Julius Brekhus for an airport hangar.

• Payment of $105,399.60 was approved to Ackerman-Estvold for 2012 water and sewer improvements.

• A culvert has been installed to alleviate water runoff problems near the Gene Hellebust home.

• A city committee met with a school committee to determine an agreement for cleaning the Memorial Hall. The school will use the locker room only for sports practices, rather than using the bathrooms for changing rooms. The school will be responsible for cleaning the locker room.