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Kenmare City Council meets: Trees marked for removal

Kenmare residents have until the end of the month to remove dead trees from their property. The city will have a tree cutting service remove marked trees remaining after October 31.

10/10/12 (Wed)

By Terry Froseth

Kenmare residents have until the end of the month to remove dead trees from their property. The city will have a tree cutting service remove marked trees remaining after October 31.

The city will bill the cost of tree removal and stump grinding to the property owner. If the bill is not paid, the cost will be assessed to the property owner’s taxes.

Trees dead or dying from Dutch elm disease have been spray painted with a red square. A red X marks the tree as a hazard that must be removed.

Building permits
Building permits were approved to Barry Christensen for a 12’x6’ privacy fence; to Scott Pfeifer for a 15’x15’ deck; to Todd Ankenbauer for a 12’x16’ lawn shed; to Farden Construction for a pole shed. The Farden Construction permit was doubled in price, in accordance with city ordinance, because they started and continued work on the structure before a building permit was issued.

Use of new
water tower delayed
It was announced last month that the new water tower would be filled and in use within a day or so of the September city council meeting.

That plan was delayed as it was discovered two valves that were part of the new system had been installed backwards.

The faulty valves were fixed last week. The tower was being filled Monday and is expected to be in use this week.

Fund Itt grants
Fund Itt business appearance improvement grants were approved.

Sun Well Service and American Well Service each received matching grants of $211.25 for new signs at their downtown offices.

Kenmare One Stop Burger Shop received a $1500 matching grant for new pavement in front of the restaurant.

Gartner’s Jack and Jill received a $1500 matching grant for new cement sidewalk and apron in front of the store.

In other action:
• A financial audit of the city’s books is nearly complete.

• The council approved paying off $100,000 of approximately $160,000 owed for an infrastructure improvement loan. The city has about $235,000 in the infrastructure fund collected from the city sales tax.

• Liquor license transfers were approved to the City Limits for the GooseFest activities at the Memorial Hall from October 22 to October 27, and to the M&K Pizza Hub tent for the Chili Cook-off on October 20.

• A gun raffle permit was approved to the Kenmare Fire Department.

• A request for a Minot Hockey Boosters $2200 gaming fund donation for equipment for the Kenmare School lunch program was denied.

• A $610 donation was approved from the city health care fund to the Kenmare Blood Drive to be used for refreshments and movie passes given to blood donors.

• A progress payment of $108,102 to McGuire Iron was approved for work on the new city water tower. About $43,000 of the contract is being withheld until the old water tower is torn down and the site cleaned up.

• A progress payment of $358,179.44 was approved to Wagner Construction for work completed on the water and sewer extension project. Work is expected to be completed in two to three weeks. Engineers have estimated costs to provide sewer service to Nore’s Auto and Heninger property along the route of the new line on the east side of U.S. Highway 52.

• The street committee hopes to have a proposal for new lighting around the park square business district at the next meeting.

• The Kenmare Rural Fire District received a $35,000 energy impact grant. The Kenmare Fire Department also has applications in for additional grants.

• A contract was approved to prepurchase propane from Farmers Union Oil for $1.20 per gallon.

• The next monthly meeting of the Kenmare City Council will be held on Tuesday, November 13 at 7:00 pm, due to the regular meeting time falling on Veteran’s Day.