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Job shadow students gain valuable work experience...

Jeneca Kostad is a go-getter. The Kenmare High School senior is involved in a myriad of activities including playing in the recent Region 8 girls basketball tournament.

2/26/19 (Tue)

Jeneca Kostad is a go-getter. The Kenmare High School senior is involved in a myriad of activities including playing in the recent Region 8 girls basketball tournament.

She is the state treasurer of the Future Business Leaders of America, the local FBLA chapter president, participates in student council and was a member of the 2018 Kenmare Honkers volleyball team that played in the North Dakota Class B Tournament.

But it’s her participation in a cooperative work experience with her parents’ certified public accountant business that has her excited about the future.

Kostad is one of numerous students at Kenmare High School who are involved in cooperative work experience with businesses in the community.

She works with her parents at Kostad CPA and has solid plans to pursue a master’s degree in accounting and eventually take over her dad’s business.

She chose to work for her parents because her ultimate goal is to become a CPA and knew that working at Kostad CPA would be a great opportunity to learn more about an accounting background.

“I will be pursuing a degree in accountancy,” Kostad said. “So yes, I do plan to follow the steps into becoming an accountant. It seems very stressful at specific times during the year, but I believe I can handle it. I feel that I could adjust to any work environment, but feel I may fit into an office setting more than others, especially living in North Dakota.”

Kostad calls the Cooperative Work Experience a great atmosphere and a great way to learn, even if you are thrown into it.

“On the FBLA side, our goal is to prepare students for the reality of the business world and complete certain tasks,” Kostad said. “After all, we are the Future Business Leaders of America!”

Thus far, Kostad has completed data entry, processed tax returns, learned about reconciling bank statements, and a few things with 1099s and W-2’s.

The students are treated as if it were a real-world job.

Emma Condit enjoys working at the Goose

Emma Condit is also a senior, the secretary of the local FBLA group and works with her father Nate at Gooseneck Implement in Kenmare.

Condit was looking for something new after spending last summer as a lifeguard at the local swimming pool, as well as doing after school work at The Kenmare News.

She says the CWE is what she thought it would be and much more.

“I’m having so much fun working at the Goose,” she said. “I’m constantly learning new things. I enjoy my co-workers and the tasks I do.”

Some of the work she’s been doing at the John Deere dealership include inventory, pulling parts for customers, taking care of surplus and whatever is needed.

Condit started out at the beginning of the school year stocking orders.

She is enjoying her work experience so much, she may consider going into this line of work when gets out of college.

“There is always a new challenge or task that needs to be done,” she said. “When I started I was undecided as far as a college degree. But now I am going for a business degree and want to hopefully stay with Gooseneck.”

Another big plus for Condit is that since her dad has been working at Gooseneck a number of years, she knows most of the staff and has mingled with them from time to time.

That brought a certain level of confidence and calm with her new job.

“I was pretty familiar with everyone who works there and kind of what goes, but I wanted to learn more,” she said. “And I would recommend this place of business to others. It’s a great place to work with great people.”

Because Condit has been taking an hour every day to work at the dealership, she will receive a full credit for her work experience.

“I went in to this with the goal of learning new things and figuring out what I want to do this year,” she said. “The school year isn’t done yet, but I think I’ve accomplished both for sure.”

Arabella Roering couldn’t wait to start

Arabella Roering’s co-op experience is with Tami Chrest at the Peony Petals flower shop in downtown Kenmare.

She says she has always loved the flower shop and when she finally had the opportunity to be part of the co-op, she couldn’t wait to start.

The high school junior says her experience is a lot more gratifying than anything she expected and Chrest is teaching her a lot about marketing and customer service.

Roering does deliveries, takes calls from customers, works the cash register, waters plants and makes selected flower arrangements.

She calls her work at the flower shop a great experience.

“I would encourage kids to do a co-op as soon as they can,” Roering said. “My goal was to have fun while learning helpful skills and I can humbly say I accomplish that goal every day working at Peony Petals.”

So encouraged by what she’s learning, Roering intends to become a business person like Chrest.

“I have always thought about starting my own business,” she said. “What business, I’m not sure, but I think it would be a very exciting and interesting career.”

Most of the students, from sophomore through senior, are given the opportunity to be part of a cooperative work experience, but needs to work into their daily schedule. As long as permission is granted, they can work a semester or the entire school year.

Some kids work in the school and others work outside the school like these three KHS students.

Regardless of individual scenarios, all three girls highly recommend the program, as it provides a wealth of information and experience they won’t find in any textbooks... Read EVERY WORD on EVERY PAGE of The Kenmare News by subscribing--online or in print!