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Gathering Grounds will open in October

Final business to open their doors in new development on west side of the square of Kenmare

8/27/14 (Wed)

By Fay Froseth

"For a long time, even before being married, I dreamed to open a coffee shop . . . a bistro type place," smiled Cassie Golde.

Golde is finally seeing her dreams come true. By early October, the doors of Gathering Grounds will open.

After a brief move to her home town of Watford City, Cassie, her husband Curtis and daughter Delaney returned to Kenmare. "The opportunity arose so I couldn’t pass it up," explained Cassie. "I think it was meant to be."

Gathering Grounds is still a diamond in the rough. "I am waiting for the building to be finished and it is still be used as storage," said Cassie. But work has been done that the customers will benefit from later.

Cassie will be serving Mojo Roast for her coffees. Jo Khalifa is a roaster from Westhope, ND. "She does organic coffee beans and will be my supplier," explained Cassie. She will serve lattes, smoothies, iced coffees and even iced drinks for the non-coffee drinkers. Some protein shakes will be offered along with teas.

Gathering Grounds will also have coffee for sale that may be brewed at home. "My suppliers will "brand" me," said Cassie. "She will make a blend of coffee specifically for my shop and label it with the Gathering Grounds logo."

For the breakfast crowd, diners can purchase bagels, muffins and breakfast sandwiches using bagels. "I plan to make my own spreads to compliment the bagels which come from a supplier in New York," explained Cassie.

A lunch menu will include two crockpots of different types of soup. "I will incorporate bagels back into the lunch and make sandwiches," said Cassie. "I will have a special for the day but will have a menu for other sandwiches I will offer." Gathering Grounds also plans to offer lettuce bowls. "I will make a certain amount each day and once they are gone, there will be no more for that day," explained Cassie.

There is no drive through but Cassie hopes to have carside service. "I will have to see if I have enough staff and if there is a demand for it," commented Cassie. Gathering Grounds is also toying with the idea of faxing, pre-ordering or calling in an order for coffees and other drinks. Cassie hopes to work with her future customers on a schedule for deliveries to their businesses or work place. Gathering Grounds can be contacted by calling 385-3100 or faxing 385-3106.

Another idea given to her is catered towards the busy moms on the go. She would like to make "lunch box" meals available for school children. A parent can preorder the meal in the morning and an employee can bring it to the student for lunch. She would include a 1/2 sandwich, a go-gurt, fruit, milk or juice in the lunchbox meal.

Customers looking for a place with atmosphere will be delighted with Cassie’s decorating choices. It is an eclectic group of furniture that has been refurbished by her good friend, Jessica Melin. "Dakota Vintage is "upcycled" furniture that Jessica has redone," explained Cassie. Many chairs are painted in bright, fun colors or reupholstered in funky fabrics. The menu boards are older large mirrors and frames with fresh colors. Plus there will be a children’s corner with games and toys to entertain while parents or grandparents visit and relax.

She would like to open for special occasions and events. "I am already booked for two showers," smiled Cassie. "I am willing to open up for groups such as book club or showers and work with the group to plan a menu and pricing for that occasion."

"I also have an idea for the coffee groups," said Cassie. "They will have their own coffee mugs with their names baked onto the cup. I will keep the cup here and the coffee cup will always be theirs."

A bit of a gift shop is also a draw within the coffee shop. Furniture by Dakota Vintage will be available for purchase along with a jewelry line, crafts and frame work.

Gathering Grounds will be open Monday through Saturday, 6:30 am to 4:30 pm. "We are going to test those hours out for now and figure out what works best for us," explained Cassie. She hopes to have three full time members on staff and two part-time employees. Her mother, Pam Kummer, is a member of the staff already. "I told her to pack a bag and get ready to stay for awhile!" said Cassie.

"I am just excited about it!" exclaimed Cassie. "It is a really good opportunity and a good thing for Kenmare."

Gathering Grounds is the last business to open its doors in the newest section on the west side.

The other new stores, all in operation now, are Boom Fitness, Kay Furniture, Kenmare Drug, Kenmare One Stop women’s and children’s clothing, First District Health clinic, and Spin City Laundry & Tanning.