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Danny's Bar & Grill owners take over South of the Border

The popular “Danny Burger” and Monday night bingo are available again in Kenmare, except now customers need to stop up by the highway instead of parking on the downtown square.

2/10/10 (Wed)

New operators at S.O.B. . . . Danny & Sara Schlosser, owners of the former
Danny's Bar & Grill in downtown Kenmare, now manage the
South of the Border Sports Bar & Grill at the north end of town.
The Schlossers have expanded the hours and menu for the SOB
and offer bingo and blackjack to their customers. 


Expansion of hours is biggest change


The popular “Danny Burger” and Monday night bingo are available again in Kenmare, except now customers need to stop up by the highway instead of parking on the downtown square.


Danny and Sara Schlosser are back in business, taking over operations at the South of the Border Sports Bar & Grill on February 1st. Under a long-term lease agreement with owner Bob Mau, the couple is running the bar and restaurant with a staff of 11 and a full menu served all day.


The Schlossers have spent the past couple of months picking up the pieces of a devastating fire that gutted their former business, Danny’s Bar & Grill, in the early morning hours of November 25th. “We’ll be tearing down the building downtown,” Danny said, “but we’ll hold onto the lot for now.”


The two were happy with the opportunity to take their staff and style from Danny’s Bar & Grill to South of the Border. Most employees from the SOB stayed to work for the Schlossers, with the transition going smoothly.


Danny and Sara agreed the décor, fixtures and furnishings of the popular sports bar will stay as they are, with sports history and highlights from Kenmare and the surrounding communities displayed in cases along the walls.


However, customers will notice several changes, starting with the expansion of hours. South of the Border is now open from 6 am until 1 am every Monday through Friday, and 9 am until 1 am on Saturdays. The Schlossers have also added Sunday hours from 12 noon until 1 am.


“The regular menu is available all seven days, with prime rib served every night,” said Sara. “And breakfast is served all day and night.”


The Schlossers combined their old menu with favorites at the SOB. They will no longer offer the all-you-can-eat chicken feature from their Thursday night schedule in the downtown location, but they will have nightly supper specials in addition to the prime rib, with those specials advertised each week.


“And we’re going to have noon specials,” said Sara. “Homemade soups, meat and potato specials, along with the regular menu.”


Bingo will be played Monday and Wednesday nights, with blackjack on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. The charitable gaming operations at South of the Border are sponsored by Minot Hockey Boosters, with a percentage of the proceeds returned to the City of Kenmare. That money is used by the City Council to support a variety of activities around the community.


“They never had that before up here,” Danny said. He laughed as he described the size of the crowd who came to play blackjack during the first week. “[The gaming organizer] said if it keeps busy, they’ll hire another dealer and give us more.”


Apparently, the changes for the Schlossers and South of the Border appeal to the public, because customers have been flocking to the business. “On Monday, our first dinner hour, it was so nuts in here,” said Sara. “We’ve been serving 65 to 75 [meals] every day. They all come in for their ‘Danny Burger’ and fries, especially at dinner time.”


Evenings have stayed busy, too, with 75 to 80 plates going out. Sarah looked across the restaurant with its tiled floors and laughed. “I’m going to have to get roller skates to get around in here,” she said.


The Schlossers will host wedding receptions, anniversary open houses, retirement parties and other special events at South of the Border. Danny invited interested persons to contact him and reserve their dates.


They were awarded the bid to operate the Mouse River Park Café for the upcoming season, but they promised to keep an eye on customers in the Kenmare location, too. “One of us will be here pretty much all of the time,” said Sara.


The couple agreed getting back in business with the public feels right for them, and staying so busy made their first week pass quickly. “You meet a lot of different people here, and it’s good to see new faces, too,” Sara said. “I like the variety!”