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City working a deal for 6th Street sidewalk and lights

The City of Kenmare may very soon have a plan in order for a sidewalk on the north side of the newly constructed Sixth Street, as well as lighting once again on the currently darkened street.

5/12/15 (Tue)

Sixth Street walkway in the works... Two pedestrians stroll up Sixth Street on Tuesday morning. A plan being discussed by the Kenmare City Council would have a sidewalk constructed on the north side of the new roadway, along with new light poles set over 12 feet off the street.

By Terry Froseth

The City of Kenmare may very soon have a plan in order for a sidewalk on the north side of the newly constructed Sixth Street, as well as lighting once again on the currently darkened street.

Mayor Roger Ness said a change order to the current Sixth Street project would provide a cost effective means of getting the sidewalk and lighting completed now, instead of later.

The city is working with Moore Engineering and Wagner Construction to include the sidewalk and lights in the current project, thus saving costs to the city for future engineering and bidding, as well as to the contractor who is presently subject to liquidated damages for delays in completion.

Plans already engineered, but previously not funded, call was a 4 foot boulevard extending from the north curb, then an 8 foot sidewalk, with light poles on the north side of the sidewalk, thus putting the light poles over 12 feet away from the street.
The project would spend part of the city’s most recent windfall from the State, which amounted to $500,000 for oil/energy impact, on top of $492,000 the city received previously from State “Surge” funds.

Cemetery needs attention

The rising costs of taking care of overdue maintenance at the city’s Lakeview Cemetery led to discussion of asking for community help, possibly in the form of a work bee, or a community wide call for donations.

Public works director Mike Thompson said there are about 20 headstones that need repair. Holes and sunken graves also need to be leveled with dirt.

The question was asked whether it is the responsibility of the city or the plot owners to maintain the graves. Given the fact that many graves are near a century old or older, it was decided the city should make the effort to organize funds and efforts towards upkeep of the grounds.

The city already spends about $9000 per year on maintenance, much of that for mowing alone.
Safety help offered

Ward County deputy Ann Millerbernd spoke to the city council about outreach activities she has in mind for Kenmare. Those outreach efforts could include working with senior citizens on personal safety, and online security; sessions with parents regarding child seat use; programs for kids for bike helmet use.

Millerbernd said she has several hundred dollars worth of donations from Kenmare organizations and businesses that she would like to spend on activities to benefit the community.

Building permits were approved to Byron Kerbaugh, 810 1st Ave NE, for a 75 ft wood fence and 10’x10’ wood deck. To Jacob Swanson, 113 5th St NW, for a 28’ x 48’ wood frame garage with 12’ side walls. To Mark Cook, 709 Broadway Avenue, for a 16’x30’ wood frame addition to the M&K Pizza Hub. To David Gins, 604 3rd Ave NW, to move on a 24’x28’ wood frame garage. To Rose Eymann, 517 3rd Ave NE, for 124 ft wood fence 4 feet high. To Jason Skar, 422 Ave NW, for a 80’ x 100’ with 20 foot sidewalls.

In other action

• A one-year lease agreement for Reservation Telephone Cooperative was approved for a city garage for $1000 per month.

• The franchise agreement for Reservation Telephone Cooperative was approved on second reading

• Amendments to the ordinance regarding prohibited use of pole frame buildings and vertical steel siding on living quarters, along with a maximum height requirement of 14 feet for building walls, was approved on second reading.

• The amendment to the fire pit guidelines ordinance was approved on second reading.

• Gaming site authorizations were approved for Kenmare Veterans Club for the Memorial Hall, Dave’s Place, and City Limits Bar & Bottleshop. Also approved was the Beer Bob’s site for Kenmare Fire Department gaming.

• A raffle permit was approved for St. Agnes Church.

• A liquor license transfer was approved for Beer Bob’s to the downtown park square for events on June 6, which will include the Grillfest and a street dance.

• An amusement license was approved to the Kenmare Association of Commerce for a public dance/party on June 6 at the downtown park square. Music will be performed by 24Seven.

• Aaron Fornshell presented the city engineer’s report from Ackerman Estvold. Payment was approved to Kemper Construction and sub-contractor Farden Construction for work completed on the excavation to deepen the lagoon cells. A change order was approved to raise the antenna for the alarm system at the lift station at a cost of $1099.14, to enable the system to properly communicate. Ackerman-Estvold reviewed and revised Verizon Wireless’s plans for a installing a cellular antennae on the water tower. The council approved the revision.

• Mayor Ness informed Ackerman-Estvold they still have two uncompleted projects outstanding. One project never completed is a spot light to shine on the water tower logo. The light is in place, but it is not connected to power. The other uncompleted project is the moving of the booster pump station from the south side of town near the old landfill, to the east limits of town in line with the NAWS water tower.

• Kenmare’s new City Business Manager was introduced to those in attendance at the meeting.

• Applicants are being interviewed for city police officers, but currently the force is operating with just two officers.

• Kenmare will play host for the Souris Basin Planning Council annual meeting on June 17. Up to 25 people from the board and staff could possibly be in attendance, along with Kenmare City Council members and Kenmare Community Development Corporation board members.

• The school’s lease agreement for the Memorial Hall will be reviewed by the Ways & Means Committee.

• The council approved purchase of a 2014 John Deere payloader with 380 hours from RDO for $25,000 plus trade-in for the old payloader. It will come with the same full warranty as a new payloaded. The council rejected the deal of $39,300 plus trade-in for a new 2015 payloader.

• The city will purchase a used ¾ ton 4x4 long box pickup for $15,000 for use by the city crew. The city is also considering the purchase of another used ½ ton pickup.

• The council agreed to pay Police Chief Kraft for half of the 200 vacation hours he has built up but not used. Due to the special circumstances of the police force being short-handed, council president Troy Hedberg said he thought it would be appropriate to cash out Kraft’s vacation time in this instance. “We don’t want to set a precedent of doing this. We want to encourage employees to take their vacation time.”

• Todd Ankenbauer recommended the city dedicate $80,000 of its State funds towards patching the streets. Mayor Ness agreed the work needs to get done.

• Terese Skjordal offered an amendment to the fire pit ordinance amendment, to address penalties for violations, which passed on first reading. Fines include $100 for first offense; $250 for second offense; $500 for every offense thereafter. .. Read EVERY WORD on EVERY PAGE of The Kenmare News by subscribing--online or in print!