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North Dakota lottery now 10 years old...

Gartner’s Jack & Jill and Cenex C-Store in Kenmare have both received new equipment to commemorate 10 years of the North Dakota Lottery on March 31, 2004. The two lottery vendors both say that sales increase with the amount of the jackpot. The lottery began on March 31, 2004.

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3 new businesses to fill store space on west side

Three new businesses are moving into the west side of the downtown square in Kenmare and it is expected that all three will be operational sometime in June.

Posted 4/02/14 (Wed) read more »

Mother charged in son's death

Jessica Lee Jensen, 35, Kenmare, made her initial court appearance Monday in Minot after being arrested and charged Friday (March 21) with the Class AA felony of homicide with great indifference to human life, and the Class C felony of abuse or neglect of a child.

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Kenmare branch to remain unchanged

Kenmare’s branch of the Ward County Library at 5 NE 3rd St., will remain intact and go on with business as usual, an official says.

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Hartland Wind Farm

An ambitious plan for a gargantuan wind farm in Ward, Burke and Mountrail counties is scaled back to nearly a third of the original blueprint, according to a spokesman who spearheaded initial efforts to secure leases.

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20 moose tagged in a day near Kenmare

A unique method of capturing and tagging animals in the wild was used March 4 to collar 20 moose cows in an area of northwestern North Dakota known as the Kenmare Survey Block.

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Surveillance system use up for farms, stores, schools

Unusual activity at farmsteads in the middle of the night, fuel stolen from farm machinery and tools missing from work shops have prompted numerous people to seek a new theft deterrent, surveillance cameras.

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School board shaves off half of bond issue budget

Cost projections for a new round of voting on a Kenmare Public School bond issue have been sliced nearly in half after a $14 million bond issue failed in November, 2013.

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Mock school shooting is very realistic for volunteers

A man dressed in olive drab green, wearing goggles and carrying an M-16 military assault rifle, walked calmly and slowly into the Kenmare High School commons area Thursday afternoon, March 6, and began firing. Moments after the first shots rang out, local police, the Ward County Sheriff’s Department and the North Dakota Game & Fish Department were moving into the school in a SWAT team formation.

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Screen printing now available at One Stop

A new, recently installed screen printing machine and software program, has allowed Kenmare One Stop owner Penny Sigloh to screen print fabrics locally for the first time.

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