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We are proud to announce our corporate sponsor for the 25th annual Kenmare GooseFest:


Raffle Tickets


Thank You, GooseFesters!

The 25th Annual GooseFest was another outstanding success. Thanks to the hospitality of the landowners, the generosity of those who donated artwork and prizes, the efficiency of all GooseFest Committees, and commitment
of dozens of volunteers, and of course, to all who bought raffle tickets, participated in the activities, and had so much fun! Thanks everyone for another successful event!

--The GooseFest Committees and the Kenmare Association of Commerce

Congratulations to the 2013 Prize Winners:


2013 Chevrolet Silverado LS 1500 4x4 Ext. Cab Pickup
Jayson Loomer, Lignite
Winning ticket sold by 109 Club- Lignite.

1st Prize - 2013 John Deere Gator 4WD XUV 825i - Fred Hase, Martin, ND
2nd Prize - 2013 Middlebury 6’x12’ Enclosed Cargo Trailer - Todd Mikkelson, Minot
3rd Prize - Broilmate Stainless Steel Gas Grill - Bart High, Petal, Mississippi

Cash Prizes:

$500 - RC Neset, Tioga
$500 - James Whiting, Kenmare
$100 - Corey Miller, Minot
$100- Bob Johnson, Minot
$100 - Steve Rodin, Kenmare
$100 - Jim Schoemer, Kenmare
$100 - James Ethen, Kenmare
$100 - Connie Essler, Stanley
$100 - Larry Gilbertson, Ambrose
$100 - Kent Bahl, Sherwood
$100 - Sharon Lehman, Kenmare
$100 - Christie Condit, Kenmare

Goose Shoot Winners:

1st Place  - won shotguns. Mikey Schmaltz, Lucas Dusek, LJ Dusek, Kelly Schmaltz, Eric Sieg. (They shot 43 snows, 4 honkers).
2nd Place - won Big Foot Goose Decoys. Doug Miller, Blaine Huff, Jered Mahlum, Eric Seykora. (They shot 37 snows.).
3rd Place - won Goose Blinds. Dave Knutson, Jay Hendrickson, Jeremy Dinius, Josh Dinius. (They shot 24 snows, 2 honkers).
4th Place- won Garmin GPSs. Bjorn Tarvestad, Lars Christensen, Dusty Anderson, Rich Leasmann. (They shot 22 snows).
5th Place- won Binoculars. Cory Lawson, Charlie Theobald, Eric Anderson, Curtis Golde. (They shot 18 snows).

Total birds for the day: 264 snows, 39 honkers

Calcutta Winners:

Bought team placing 1st - won $3184 - Ryan Bruner (bought team for $450)
Bought team placing 2nd - won $1990 - Blaine Huff (bought team for $$600)
Bought team placing 3rd - won $1592 - Alan Eide (bought team for $325)
Bought team placing 4th - won $796 - Emily Christensen (bought team for $900)
Bought team placing 5th - won $398 - Blaine Huff (bought team for $300).

Total of $9950 wagered. $7960 awarded to winning teams.

Henry Big Boy 45 Long Colt Collector’s Edition Rifle:

Winner was Curtis Golde - Watford City

Bird Hunting Contest drawing: (Random Drawing from entries):

Snow Goose: Cameron Bartuska. Green Head: Colton Bartuska. Honker: Dennis Essler.
Each won binoculars.

Two Person Fun Shoot Winners:

1st Place - Tim Gower and Landon Hibright.
2nd Place - Kotton King and Matt Haugen.
3rd Place - Scott Jensen and Ryan Aufforth.
4th Place - Kendra Brekhus and Caden Mau.
Team Shotgun Winners: Erik Anthony and Steve Grandon.
Youth Shotgun winner: Kortni Medlang.
Shotguns donated by City Limits, Renville Elevator, GooseFest.

BB Gun Shoot Winners of BB guns:

Anne Stroklund, Cohen Seime, Deacon Johnson. BB guns donated by GooseFest.

Texas Hold’em Winners: (out of 65 players)

1st Place- Jeff Johnson, Carpio, won $2190.
2nd Place- Byron Hansen, Carpio, won $1370.
3rd Place - Ken Duchscherer, Minot, won $810.
4th Place - Jason Kuznia, Bowbells, won $620.
5th Place - Mike Biberdorf, Oxbow, Saskatchewan, won $500.
6th Place - Sonny Lehman, Rugby, won $440.
7th Place - Gene Hellebust, Kenmare, won $310

Top Shot Chef Showdown: