Kenmare ND - GooseFest Winners

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Corporate Sponsors


We are proud to announce our corporate sponsors for the 29th annual Kenmare GooseFest:


Thank You, GooseFesters!

The 28th Annual GooseFest was another outstanding success. Thanks to the hospitality of the landowners, the generosity of those who donated artwork and prizes, the efficiency of all GooseFest Committees, and commitment of dozens of volunteers, and of course, to all who bought raffle tickets, participated in the activities, and had so much fun! Thanks everyone for another successful event!

--The GooseFest Committees and the Kenmare Association of Commerce

Congratulations to the 2016 Prize Winners:


2016 Chevrolet Custom Rally 1 Edition 4x4 Double Cab Pickup
Alyssa Binstock, Bismarck
Winning ticket sold by Jim Schoemer, Kenmare

1st Prize - 2016 Yamaha Fleet Golf Car - Larry Olney, Flaxton
Sold by Cheryl Miller, Donnybrook

2nd Prize - exMark Quest Zero Turn Mower - Ryan Ackerman, Minot
Sold by Jennifer Nelson, Kenmare


$500 - Gary Egeberg, Donnybrook
$500 - Dean Christianson, Kenmare
$100 - Ryan Jessen, Williston
$100-  Ron Slind, Douglas
$100 - Patrick Schoemer, Kenmare
$100 - Janis Gerding, Minot
$100 - Bob Koelzer, Garrison
$100 - Chris Henze, Larson
$100 - Jess McIntyre, Tioga
$100 - Herman Aufforth, Bowbells
$100 - John Theobald, Minot
$100 - Wade Skaar, Palermo













1st Place - won Rem. 1187 shotguns. Scot Ness, Ryan Peterson, Kyle Hass, Brady Bohl. (They shot 45 snows, 6 honkers for 312 lbs).
2nd Place - won Savage 17 HMRs. Eric Sieg, Mike Schmaltz, LJ Dusek, Kelly Schmaltz. (They shot 38 snows, 1 honker for 1226.25 lbs).
3rd Place - won electric smokers. Miles Zietz, Jon Kramer, Eric Henke, Nathan Schweitzer. (They shot 21 snows, 18 honkers for 229.45 lbs).
4th Place - won Honker Decoys. Arlen Gartner, Clint Voltz, Chad Gartner, Jim Williams (They shot 7 honkers. 18 snows for 174.55 lbs).
5th Place - won Leathermans. Brock Zietz, Eric Zietz, Josh Zietz, Lance Zietz. (They shot 22 snows for 128.65 lbs).

Other Prize Winners- Big Goose to Scot Ness's team (10.3 lbs) won $250; Small Goose to Brock Zietz & Eric Sieg teams (6.35 lbs.) won $125/ea. Loser Out: Tom Roering team, winning $125. Checker drawing: Sarah Nelson and Joey Matejovsky each won $50.

Total birds for the day: 225 snows, 96 honkers

Two Person Fun Shoot Winners













1st Place - Colton Bartuska and Brandon Barbot. (shot 16 honkers, 2 mallards)
2nd Place - Brock Brown and Todd Fleck. (shot 9 honkers)
3rd Place (Tie) - Chad Gartner and Carsen Gartner & Eric Zietz and Lance Zietz
Only four snow geese were shot by all of the teams.

Youth Shotgun (Stoeger 20 ga.) winner - 16 & under: Dillian Williams
Shotgun (Stoeger 12 ga.) winner - age 17-20: Tanner Egeberg


Bird Hunting Contest drawing (Random Drawing from entries):

Snow Goose: Chuck Lerohl
Green Head: Derick Sharratt
Honker: Cameron Bartuska

Each won binoculars.


1st Place
- Roger Ness, Shelley Ness, Cody Nelson, Jennifer Nelson (Pork Shanks)
2nd Place - Tawnya Gill, Kaleb, Jorgia, Gaving (Goin' Wile Sweet & Savory Potstickers)
3rd Place - Bonnie Farstveet & Debbie Landers (Loaded Potatoes)



1st Place
- #JustChili - Sheila Burns, Donna Henderson, Barb Henderson, Shelly Pullen, Cathie Mesheski
2nd Place - Quarter Pound Chili - Rick Harris, Ron Kalmbach, Lanch Kalmbach.
3rd Place - Tina Come Get Some Dinner - Stacie Hedberg, Brea Sieme, Kristen Hass, Jessica Swenson, Melissa Haase & Kelli Schumacher.
4th Place - Back Door Chili - Kacy Keysor, Shane Heidel, Curtis Golde
5th Place - Septic Chili- Sharlet Jensen, Sam Essler, Cindy Lautenschlager.
Best of Show - Granny's Kitchen - Alex Hennix, Laura Williams, Natasha Christianson, Nicole Michalenko.


Texas Hold’em Winners: (68 players)

1st Place - Waylon Stanley, Sherwood, won $2880.
2nd Place - Bryan Gustafson, Stanley, won $1880.
3rd Place - Brett Hefter, Sherwood, won $1316.
4th Place - Jim Bohlman, Rugby, won $940.
5th Place - Paul Brady, Crosby, won $658.
6th Place - William Stanley, Minot, won $517.
7th Place - Edmund White Bear, Burlington, won $423.
8th Place - Sonny Lehman, Rugby, won $329.
9th Place - John Eide, Sherwood, won $282.
10th Place - Monte Brekhus, Kenmare, won $234.


Congrats to the 2016 Calcutta Winners!


Bought team placing 1st - won $3,344 - Scot Ness (bought team for $400)
Bought team placing 2nd - won $2,090 - Jason Bruner (bought team for $1600)
Bought team placing 3rd - won $1,672 - Eric Henke (bought team for $125)
Bought team placing 4th - won $836 - Arlen Gartner (bought team for $350)
Bought team placing 5th - won $418 - Tina Zietz (bought team for $150)

Total of $10,450 wagered. $8,360 awarded to winning teams.


BB Gun Shoot Winners of BB guns

Kyleigh Keller, Jacob Zorn, Landon Spear and Carsen Gartner. BB guns donated by GooseFest.