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Corporate Sponsors


We are proud to announce our corporate sponsor for the 27th annual Kenmare GooseFest:


Raffle Tickets


To purchase raffle tickets by mail

Send $30 per ticket to:
Trevor Melin
47901 506th Ave NW
Kenmare, ND 58746

Phone: 701-848-6004

Pleaes include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Thank You, GooseFesters!

The 26th Annual GooseFest was another outstanding success. Thanks to the hospitality of the landowners, the generosity of those who donated artwork and prizes, the efficiency of all GooseFest Committees, and commitment of dozens of volunteers, and of course, to all who bought raffle tickets, participated in the activities, and had so much fun! Thanks everyone for another successful event!

--The GooseFest Committees and the Kenmare Association of Commerce

Congratulations to the 2014 Prize Winners:



2014 Chevrolet Silverado LS 1500 4x4 Double Cab Pickup
Ned Strand of Minot
Winning ticket sold by Linda Melin, Kenmare


1st Prize - 2014 John Deere Gator 4WD XUV 825i - Jamie Livingston, Kenmare
2nd Prize - 2014 Middlebury 6’x12’ Enclosed Cargo Trailer - Tom Rasmusson, Kenmare
3rd Prize - Broilmate Stainless Steel Gas Grill - Chad McNally, Minot



$500 - Linda Kline, Noonan
$500 - Anthony Binstock, Regent
$100 - Mardell Dahlin, Kenmare
$100- Sherry Espeseth, Portal
$100 - Sandi Kenyan, Isle, Minn.
$100 - Kristen Boger, Minot
$100 - Grant Johnson, Kenmare
$100 - Brian Mehlhoff, Bismarck
$100 - Lenny Rodin, Kenmare
$100 - James Heckman, Minot
$100 - Timothy Schwartz, Kenmare
$100 - Anna Hoffman, Egan, Minn.



1st Place - won shotguns. Lars Christensen, Bjorn Tarvestad, Dusty Anderson, Rich Leasmann. (They shot 43 snows, 5 honkers).
2nd Place - won Big Foot Goose Decoys. Scot Ness, Ryan Peterson, Kyle Hass, Brady Bohl. (They shot 16 snows, 18 honkers).
3rd Place - won Goose Blinds. Charles Lerohl, Darren Lerohl, Robert Hammer, Jarret Belstad. (They shot 23 snows, 4 honkers).
4th Place - won Garmin GPSs. Joe Sedevie, John Votava, Jason Votava, Brian George. (They shot 14 snows, 4 honkers).
5th Place - won Binoculars. Arlen Gartner, Clint Voltz, Chad Gartner, Jim Williams. (They shot 16 snows, 24 honkers).

Total birds for the day: 168 snows, 98 honkers


Two Person Fun Shoot Winners

1st Place - Lars and Andrew Christensen.
2nd Place - Cody St. Croix and Austin Nelson.
3rd Place - Caden Mau and Kyler Melby.
4th Place - Jay Ellis and Carter Norrie.
Prizes were awarded to the top 13 teams.
Youth Shotgun winner: Kendra Brekhus.



1st Place - Potato Klub (Joanne Stanley & Shelly Ness)
2nd Place - Chicken Wings (Dave McBride)
3rd Place - Sweet & Sour Goose Meatballs (Chad Zorn & Jim Burud)


1st Place - Team Titan (Jesse Cook & Kaylee Binstock)
2nd Place - Melin Grain Farm (Linda Melin, Pam Melby, Stacy Lautenschlager)
3rd Place - Quarter Pound Chili (Lance Kalmbach & Rick Harris)
4th Place - Dakota Roustabout (Tanya & Brian Kellenberger)
5th Place - Radio Station (Dora Mae & Dara Abernathy)
Best of Show - The Hippy Chicks


Texas Hold’em Winners: (out of 59 players)

1st Place - Cody Dalby, Minot, won $2000.
2nd Place - David Davies, Minot, won $1200.
3rd Place - Mike Berry, Towner, won $900.
4th Place - Travis Sorenson, Berthold, won $700.
5th Place - Randy Whillock, Donnybrook, won $500.
6th Place - Jon Ries, Minot, won $300.
7th Place - Sharon Paquin, New Town, won $300.
8th Place - Brad Halvorson, Flaxton, $100.


Bird Hunting Contest drawing: (Random Drawing from entries):

Snow Goose: Travis Holmes.
Green Head: Mike Holmes.
Honker: Cameron Bartuska.
Each won binoculars.


Congrats to the 2014 Calcutta Winners!

Bought team placing 1st - won $2536 - Emily Christensen
(bought team for $525)

Bought team placing 2nd - won $1585 - Scot Ness
(bought team for $$575)

Bought team placing 3rd - won $1268 - Chuck Lerohl
(bought team for $125)

Bought team placing 4th - won $634 - Chad Gartner
(bought team for $300)

Bought team placing 5th - won $317 - Chad Gartner
(bought team for $400).

Total of $7925 wagered. $6340 awarded to winning teams.


BB Gun Shoot Winners

GooseFest committee
Tommy Ankenbauer
Gavin Gill
Cabrian Adkins

Jack Egeberg
Landan Spear

Gift certificate from Dennis Heidel
Gage Holter