Kenmare ND - Schools

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Kenmare High School


300 7th Ave NE
Kenmare, ND 58746

Phone: 701-385-4996
Fax: 701-385-4390


Kenmare Elementary School


623 North Central Ave
Kenmare, ND 58746

Phone: 701-385-4688


Kenmare Public Schools

Children in Kenmare can get a great education at Kenmare Public Schools. Students in Kenmare thrive in the small town environment, with 300 students enrolled in the 2013-14 school year.

Kenmare High Schools offers many courses, including some that can be used as a college credit. Kenmare is also known for its extracurricular programs, such as volleyball, music, FFA, and basketball.

Kenmare Elementary School is led by principal Janis Gerding. Grades K-2 are at the elementary building, with grades 3-6 at the high school.


School starts on Monday, August 21st. Duane Mueller serves as superintendent of the Kenmare School District.

Little Learners Preschool is open to children ages 4 & 5. It is located in classrooms at the Nazareth Lutheran Church at 401 North Central. Call Kris Zimmer at 701-385-3186 for more information. Little Learners begins their school year after Labor Day weekend.

More school information is available at the school's website.