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City Hall / Memorial Hall

The Kenmare City Hall is a great location to host many different types of events such as banquets, wedding/receptions, sporting events and much more.

Please see the rental rate schedule listed below. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 701-385-4232.

City Hall capacity:

  • Seats 250
  • 30 Tables

Click here to view the Memorial Hall Calendar of Events


Kenmare Memorial Hall Rates
GROUP OR EVENTS Time   Fee Deposit
Civic, Social, Fraternal, Religious, Co-Ed Volleyball Monthly Meetings   $25/year N/A
Religious, Non-Profit     Resident
  1 day event closed to the public   $35 $70
      $125 $250
  1 day event open to the public   $125 $250
      $250 $350
Personal Rental     Resident
Open to the public - i.e open house, reunion, large birthday, wedding, etc. 1 day event   $100 $200
25+ people        
      $150 $300
Profit Making / Public Dance 1 day event   $250 $500
Private Rental        
Private - i.e Baby shower, wedding shower, small birthday party, small business meeting 1 day event   $25 none
Special Event 1+ week   $800 $500
Table Rental     $5.00/table/day
if ouside of the building        
Chair Rental     $.50/chair/day
if ouside of the building        

$500 refundable deposit will be charged for any event where a bar will be available. Refundable deposit needs to be paid at the time of reservation.

All rental fees need to be paid 24 hours prior to event.


City Hall
PO Box 816
5 3rd Street NE
Kenmare, ND 58746
Phone: 701-385-4232
Fax: 701-385-3292

City Council
Second Monday of each month at
Nov-Apr 7:00pm
May-Oct 8:00pm