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Fresh Eyes Column

by Caroline Downs

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Every Moment Matters . . .

The year 2012 is almost in the record and history books with just a few days remaining, and that means I should take stock of how I did with my New Year’s bumper sticker resolution of Use it up.

Posted 12/29/12 (Sat) read more »

The goose is cooked, final installment (for now) . . .

So, today’s GooseFest schedule includes the re-tooled, mid-week banquet Formerly Known As The Wild Game Feed. I’m still conducting my mild protest about this year’s change to the BBQ Pork Feed, but let me emphasize this: the food WILL be delicious tonight.

Posted 10/23/12 (Tue) read more »

The goose is cooked, week 2 . . .

I’m continuing my mild protest against the forced decision to change GooseFest’s Wild Game Feed to this year’s BBQ Pork Feed in the name of food safety regulations. I just don’t believe an entree of steaming and tasty pork will generate quite the same conversation as roasters filled with savory bear, garlic-laced goose or barbecued elk.

Posted 10/17/12 (Wed) read more »

The goose is cooked . . .

By now, you’ve probably heard the news: NO Wild Game Feed during Wednesday night, October 24th, of GooseFest any longer.

Posted 10/17/12 (Wed) read more »

George's Grove . . .

Sometimes things happen the way they’re supposed to happen, even if it’s not the way you want.

Posted 7/24/12 (Tue) read more »

Nothing like a tree for company . . .

Most children of the prairie appreciate a good tree or two.

Posted 5/29/12 (Tue) read more »

Through the first 50 . . .

It’s kind of nice to hear someone say you made their dream come true.

Posted 11/29/11 (Tue) read more »

Stories and libraries . . .

Note: The first half of this column was written as an artist’s statement I needed to include with a grant application, while the second part expounds on my convictions about the role of libraries for children. At times, it’s a good idea to make a point about something that matters.

Posted 1/26/10 (Tue) read more »

The story IS the treasure . . .

Indulge me this week, even if you’re not a fan of turquoise jewelry. This story demands to be shared.

Posted 1/19/10 (Tue) read more »