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Upside Down Under

By Marvin Baker, a new weekly column in The Kenmare News

What's your resolution?...

Do you remember New Year’s Day 2000? Did you make any resolutions leading up to that date?

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Christmas in uniform...

It’s Christmas morning and most of us should be watching the children opening their presents while we’re sipping on a hot cup of Tim Horton’s coffee and nibbling on those holiday goodies.

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A very interesting read...

There’s a very interesting article in the Dec. 3 edition of the Toronto Globe and Mail that makes numerous references to New Town and Berthold. The article is titled “The deadly secret behind the Lac-Megantic inferno.”

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Ten more days of autumn...

If these past few weeks in Ward County are any indication of things to come, we might be in for a cold, a very cold slap in the face.

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Whatever's reasonable and prudent...

In the 1990s, Montana didn’t have a posted daytime speed limit. Instead, you could go as fast as you wanted, as long as you deemed it safe to be moving that speed.

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Rider pride on the American side...

For those of you not familiar with the Canadian Football League, the CFL’s 101st championship game was held Sunday night in Regina.

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Customer Service is paramount...

It’s been two plus weeks now since I came to work in Kenmare and have been finding some pleasant surprises as I’ve poked around town.

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A mindboggling relationship unfolds...

When I began working at The Kenmare News last week, publisher Terry Froseth asked me if I would like to write a personalcolumn.

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Recognizing family on Veterans Day...

Thirty-five years ago I left my hometown of Hazelton beginning a journey that would take me to Europe twice, South America twice as well as the Middle East.

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