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by Caroline Downs

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See you soon in cyberspace . . .

Posted 7/31/13 (Wed)

I’ve been “in charge” of the Kenmare website for a few years now. Unfortunately, except for posting these “Fresh Eyes” columns and select feature stories and photos, I didn’t do much. The website has never been a tremendous creative outlet for me.

However, we hear frequently from website users and online readers who wanted more than a couple of articles posted every week--and we listened.

Now, beginning with next week’s issue of The Kenmare News, you will be able to access every page of every issue printed from August 7, 2013, forward on the World Wide Web.

Yes, The Kenmare News will launch an online edition.

The pages will be identical to the printed version with the same color and black-and-white photos, all the advertisements, every obituary and each birth announcement.

Yes, you can see public notices.

Yes, you can read the classified ads.

Yes, the sports scores, articles and photos will be posted.

Exactly like the printed pages.

This is an exciting change for us, and it has required some time, effort and thinking to set this up for your convenience.

If you visit early next week, you should see a link to the online version of The Kenmare News and a sample issue.

If all goes according to plan, you will be able to subscribe to the online version through PayPal.

You will be able to set your own password and manage your account with us.

You will receive automatic renewal notices for your online subscriptions.

You will be able to sign up and pay for online gift subscriptions.

And you can read each fresh issue of The Kenmare News at 12:01 am Central Time every Wednesday morning if you so choose, because that’s when the new issue will be posted each week. In plenty of time for the morning coffee groups.

The cost for a one-year subscription anywhere in the world is $35, same as the in-state print copy rate. If you already subscribe to the print version, you can add an online subscription for $15.

The idea here is to take the paper with you wherever you go. According to our tech consultant on this venture, you should be able to read The Kenmare News on any device available, including your home computer, tablet, mobile phone or whatever else gets developed out there.

We are NOT abandoning the print version of the paper, of course. We simply want to expand your options for enjoying The Kenmare News, and we know  many of you like to read electronic versions.

Please contact our office if you have questions about the online version. For the time being, I will still post my columns and certain feature articles on the website, but if you want to read every word of every issue online, make plans to subscribe next week to the online edition of The Kenmare News.

See you soon in cyberspace!