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For when you need to know . . .

Posted 7/10/13 (Wed)

Shortly after I started writing for the The Kenmare News in November 2000, I taped this note to my desk: “Everyone doesn’t always know.”

That note reminded me to remind folks calling in with events, announcements and advertisements that we needed ALL the details to share with readers. So many times, I would ask where an activity would be or when it would start, and the speaker would say, “Oh, everyone already knows.”

Well, no, everyone does NOT already know that, trust me. We hear all the time about what “everyone” does not know that they believe they SHOULD know.

Lately, the trend seems to be to post information about an event or activity on Facebook--and Facebook only--then sit back and wait for people to participate, or complain when they don’t.

Listen. The people in this corner of the state--just like folks anywhere--are wonderful, but if you want them to know anything about any major community, church or school event or activity at all in Kenmare, you need to use the variety of tools at your disposal.

That means, yes, Facebook, but also websites, email, posters or flyers in color and black-and-white, newspaper advertising, and the city’s Channel 2 feed on cable television.

You now have another information tool at your disposal as well, something every house in Kenmare should have--and maybe every vehicle.

Meet the 2013 Community Directory for Kenmare, North Dakota, with its lovely green cover, a photo of the Danish Mill front and center, and the “FREE! take one” directive in the upper left corner.

“Oh, this is just the old Kenmare Visitors Guide,” you might be saying. “I don’t need one of those.”

No, it’s not, and yes, you do.

Precisely because of the need for a collection of community information--for both newcomers and longtime residents in Kenmare --Terry decided to revise and expand the former Visitors Guide into something useful for everybody in town.

Beginning with the beloved and quick-reference “Kenmare Business Dial Guide,” updated, alphabetized and printed very conveniently on page 36, right inside the back cover.

An updated city map can be found on page 33. The preliminary GooseFest schedule, page 31. The latest map showing public access and activities allowed on the Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge, page 28.

Questions about the Kenmare Country Club? Answered on page 5.

Need to locate a church or find out what time worship services are held? Look at page 12.

Quick reference for local health care providers, their services and phone numbers? See pages 14 and 15.

Want to register your children at the public school or find out about preschool openings? Contact information is provided on page 20.

There’s more, including short articles about the Kenmare Branch Library, Pioneer Village, Kenmare Theatre, Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge and other attractions in the area.

Ads from the businesses that supported this printing are sprinkled throughout the directory, and page 30 was dedicated to information about the Kenmare Community Development Corporation--read it, and you’ll see what I mean.

One of the best things about the new Directory is the way this dynamic document is subject to further revision and expansion as Kenmare grows and changes.

I already have nine suggestions for next year’s version. You may have more. If you do, give us a call.

Of course, you won’t know what I’m talking about until you hold a copy of the 2013 Community Directory in your hand. We have a stack of copies available at our counter, as do several other businesses around town.

Get one for yourself or a handful for your household.

I guarantee there’s something in there you need to know.