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Fresh Eyes Column

by Caroline Downs

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Time for another pool project . . .

When I was a kid in Gillette, Wyoming, the community built and opened a new recreation center. The event was magical.

Posted 6/27/13 (Thu) read more »

Xena the Warrior Chicken

The husband left to work in Alaska, and we both knew he wouldn’t return before the new chicks, 21 laying hens, would need to be moved from their temporary home in the quonset to the barn.

Posted 6/19/13 (Wed) read more »

Hot off the press, now at the refuge . . .

The “Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge Activity Guide” is now available to you, free for the taking.

Posted 5/14/13 (Tue) read more »

Happy to be wrong . . .

Home remodeling projects stress me under the best of conditions. The best of conditions means:

Posted 4/03/13 (Wed) read more »

A funny thing happened on the way to road repairs and property tax relief . . .

So I thought this session of the North Dakota State Legislature was supposed to be about fixing roads in western North Dakota, providing property tax relief, funding needs for law enforcement, child care, schools, sewer systems and water supply in oil country, and making plans for flood control in Fargo and Minot.

Posted 3/27/13 (Wed) read more »

Dylon wants to get back to normal . . .

Dylon Schweitzer might be the one kid attending Berthold Public School who does NOT want to take a day off from school right now.

Posted 3/19/13 (Tue) read more »

Another chapter in Kenmare's story . . .

Like everybody else last week, I observed the demolition of the old Kenmare Clothing building.

Posted 2/19/13 (Tue) read more »

One in a million . . .

You could describe Ron McNeiley of Kenmare as an average good guy.

Posted 2/13/13 (Wed) read more »

Every egg is a celebration . . .

Longtime readers of this column may have noticed there has been no mention of chickens for several months.

Posted 1/30/13 (Wed) read more »

This one's for Roger . . .

Word came to us last week about the death of former Kenmare resident Roger Drobash.

Posted 1/30/13 (Wed) read more »